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  1. SAA. Need some fitting, come with a spacer to make a "one piece" grip. I need an address to send them to.
  2. I have a set of Boone Trading Company bonded ivory grips as delivered. Decided I didn't want ivories on this particular sixshooter. Yours for $10.00 to cover S&H. Forty Rod
  3. So illegal aliens can own guns but legal citizens often can't? What is the definition of insanity?
  4. ROWDY! Lord, boy, I thought you were dead. Welcome back.
  5. for a pair if SAAs to match a presentation case and won't cost the equivalent of a semester at UCLA and take as long as that semester to deliver . Any suggestions?
  6. Just going with the new flow: it's "TACTICAL", don'tcha know. (And I'm now a poet, don'tcha know it?) Damn I'm good sometimes.
  7. I'd buy one of those. I don't believe in vampires but just in case I'm wrong I want them to know I won't tolerate them for a second.
  8. Doc, getting you back on the wire made it almost worthwhile. How you doing, Pard?
  9. I don't need my spirits irrigated. Oh, wait. Never mind.
  10. I gotta give Blackwater and Schoolmarm a great big thanks. and ask you to pass your prayers and wishes on to them. They are a wonderful example of what friends are all about. Too few like them in the old burned out ball of mud. Thanks to you both.
  11. HIDE YOUR GUNS AND OTHER VALUABLES, LOCK YOUR HORSES AND WOMEN AWAY, GUARD YOUR WATER HOLES AND VALUABLE PROPERTY, AND PROTECT ALL OF YOUR TREASURES!!! FORTY ROD IS BACK!!!!! SERIOUSLY, MY THANKS TO ALL WHO WISHED ME WELL AND SENT PRAYERS UP TO THE BOSS. The virus is dead and I am still alive and kicking. I have several more afflictions to tackle but this one scared the bejabbers out of me. I have been very fortunate to have the BEST medical team anywhere, made friends of a few, and learned a lot from them all. Had a Chaplain pray with me and asked that this thing would be cured by the 20th of March. It was. They held me one more day to confirm that the virus was gone and to process the paper work and discharge me from the hospital. It was and they did. I haven't been a good man and not a religious one either, but I'm comfortable that prayer, sincerely offered and totally believed in, works. Thanks againg and God bless all of you. 4T
  12. My mother was a first grade teacher for almost forty years. After my parents both retired they travelled to many places they dreamed of. They got some really affordable tours through the college where Dad had been a professor. One was to Japan. As the tourists were being sorted out a young Japanese man wearing a beautifully tailored suit (Mom noticed those kinds of things) walked though the crowd and asked in nearly perfect English (she noticed those things, too) "Excuse me,Ma'am, are you Edna Taylor". She said she was. He introduced himself by name and said "Mrs. Taylor, you taught me to speak English". His father had been exchange student at USU and enrolled the boy in a local school...Mom's school. Mom assigned a boy and girl to "tutor" him and modified her curriculum to help. After a month she changed out the "tutors" because everyone wanted their turn to help him. His mother would come and sit in on the classes a lot, and they both learned English together. Mom asked what he was doing now and he told her he and his father owned the tour company that was taking their group around, and that he was going to take her group personally. Mom asked if that was going to take work away from someone else and he told her that the girl who was to lead then was a new guide and she would be coming along as his assistant at full pay. I never heard much about what Mom got out the grand tour of Japan, but she could tell you everything she learned about this guy and his family. They exchanged mail for several years before Mom got Alzheimers. Thank you Hideo. I apologize for not remembering you last name.
  13. I put $2100.00 into my dogs mouth three years ago because her old age teeth were failing. It was worth every penny. I honesty hope she dies before I do because she suffered so much when my wife died. I don't want her togo through that again.
  14. Yeah, I was running rear guard when Moses crossed the Red Sea.
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