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  1. There 'tis. Lots of good experience in the subject. Use it.
  2. I can do that. I can stare at some guy with muscles.
  3. Question: why is the whole movie shown as a mirror image?
  4. Right! And any Marine will die defending a NAVY corpsman
  5. What Slim said, and I'll support Gearhart Owens (GOEX) powders as long as they keep making it. I think it's the only US made black powder and it's always been the best IMHO.
  6. I recall the day in 1975 or 76 when a kid walked in to the Flintlock at Hobby City and asked to speak to Ray Taylor. the boss. He pulled what looked like half a hinge with a slot in the side out of a paper bag, took the "hinge pin", and a piece of a 7 Up can, a roll of toy cap gun caps and a box of strike anywhere matches and proceeded to make a dozen or so percussion caps. He never said a word after asking to talk to Ray. Ray got a pistol out of the back room and all but one of the caps fired. Ray made some phone calls and did his magic and within a few weeks we were selling a slicked up version with Pat. Pend. markings on them. The kid came up later with a great pistol prototype model (that for some reason never sold), made a goodly amount off of his cap maker, and vanished. I kept my cap maker for years and have no idea what I did with it. It was a clever idea but I never had much success making workable caps with it.
  7. My son has one of those shields. He'd NEVER use it for that.
  8. I spend about $200.00 / pair for Durango boots...maybe two pair a year. I get them resoled and put on heels for $70.00 / pair maybe once a year. I worked too hard to blow my money on anything but food, gas, and guns....and even cut way back on all three of those.
  9. Atta girl, Sarge. I'd take you on my team any day.
  10. I love the voices in my head. They come up with some really wonderful stuff. WHEEEEE!
  11. Sounds familiar. I'm boogered up so much that there's a very cherished a spot on my left wrist he size of a dime that I look every day. It's the only place on my entire body body doesn't hurt
  12. I don't eat green beans..................but I like potatoes every way you can imagine
  13. If he's got a rifle you've got a problem.
  14. I bought a couple of wallets from them. Getting on one of their mailing lists is as close to immortality I will ever get.
  15. Why do you even care what the neighbors think? I KNOW what mine think! The flags in their yards, the veterans caps, bumper and windshield stickers, tee shirts with slogans similar to mine, the friendly waves I get daily, the help and care I have received in times of need, the occasional calls and messages I find every day,......that all tells me that most of neighbors think pretty much the way I do.
  16. That first little dude look a lot like the axlotl that lives in our local public library. Scarce as a eyebrows on eggs.
  17. Missourians can read and write?
  18. My favorite is some starship at a super light velocity dropping something from the ship and having swept behind in a vacuum where there is NO Drag to hold the item back. Next is, "they are closing at high warp" "How far are they?" "600,000 kilometers." Next shot shows them more like a mile apart.
  19. Yul, my worst one (at least where I ever caught) was also a fire. When I was about five we lived in Woodland, Washington and Dad was on the volunteer fire department and both Mom and Dad worked for the local school district. Pillars of the community doncha know. We lived in a small house that was owned by the school district along with a few other similar houses. Ours was the last on the left side at the north end of the street beyond which was a half acre vacant lot. One afternoon a boy named Larry and I decided we wanted to see the fire engines in action (Larry's dad was also a volunteer fireman) so I got a box of matches from Dad's workbench and we torched the lot. We saw the fire engines in action, all two of them. We also saw Hell from the inside. Luckily the wind took the fire away from anything of value and the fire department had the shiniest engines in the Pacific Northwest for a year or so until we worked off our penalties. BTW a strap make from a piece of fire hose is a very memorable disciplinary device
  20. When I worked at Yellowstone there were a lot of pictures of those busses but I never saw one. Might have all been gone by 1961
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