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  1. not hard primers, but low primers yes,,,, and overall low quality lately
  2. Lord God, please wrap your arms around Hershey and Sweetie and the whole family,,,,,
  3. hmmmm,,,, there isn't,,, if you weren't careful putting it down in the first place!! slip and fall is not a get out of a sdq free card,,,,,
  4. so the shooter dropped it, he let it go and it fell between the table and door jamb,,, that is NOT a slip and fall,,,, sdq
  5. slip and fall does not equal bounce and fall,,,,
  6. yup you got lucky,,, 20 misses,,, and a dirty look for the TO and spotters for not hollering
  7. straight down, 90 degrees, is only 5 degrees of the 170 pretty close to make a call,,,, the 170 applies at the LT as well
  8. fwiw,, most out of battery discharges have nothing to do with the lever safety,, but either the cartridge not entering the chamber completely and stopping and the firing pin's inertia overcoming the spring and striking the primer, or a jam where the shooter starts jerking the lever and the firing pin doing the same thing as afore mentioned action
  9. I can pull stock triggers quick enough to miss,, why change em?
  10. for winchester,, CARTY is THE man!!
  11. I felt this was THE BEST EOT shooting venue that I have attended. Hands down,,,,, I had a P,,, on a 3223,,, duh!! easy sequence that I messed up, one rifle miss because I was arguing with myself over how fast to shoot the stage,,, again duh!! I shot the pistols clean, save for 4 that I lost due to a squib,, again, duh,,,, this indeed was my favorite EOT, even tho I came in second,,,,
  12. I'll work with you Rye,,, I can shoot them loading left right, even left handed!
  13. This was the, hands down, best EOT shooting venue that I've had the pleasure taking part in, period!! I even shot my pistols clean,, save for 4 lost due to a squib,, and only one rifle when I was arguing with myself over how fast to shoot a stage,,, and a P for a brain fade,,....
  14. S & bs are hard to seat completely,, I"m done with them
  15. I don't have any, wish I did, I'm tough on them,,, the can be repaired, I've had to repair several of mine,,, a new one will get broken too...
  16. title says it all,,, I can bring 2 maybe three extras with me,, the two are gun and one only two gun,, 2 wheel, pull, golf cart style.. room for lots of ammo.. $30 each I should be pulling into the ranch sunday afternoon..
  17. I normally shoot 13gr of clays with 7/8 oz shot,, 12.3 is even more than you need for her,, but try that,, I've loaded 10 gr for my wife and it worked well
  18. Welcome back,,,, and no more tripping,,,, even when walking!!
  19. one year at winter range, Sage Chick shot a 14 second stage, they said that couldn't be right, made her reshoot, it wasn't right,,, she reshot it FASTER!!
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