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  1. 01/13/2020 pm. "I was not able to see my angel today because I am away for work. This report comes from family and friends. Michele had a very alert and active day. They tell me they got some smiles and other expressions from her. Her friend Betty was brushing her teeth and got Michele to help again by placing her hand on the brush. Michele played quite a bit with her wolf toy. All her vitals are good so yet another positive day. I will take these baby steps all day. Keep up the good work prayer warriors. Good night and God bless."
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  3. 01/12/2020 pm. "Michele had another sleepy recovery day today. All vitals look good. She got another spa treatment today from me on her feet and hands. Today I saw movement a few times with her right leg and her right hand. This was a very good sign since it has been a while since I have seen her move the right side. She opened her eyes for a little bit to great her guests. I did get a smile out of her the first thing this morning. So another positive day with more baby steps and yes I did read her cards to her today. Thanks again for all the cards, thoughts, and especially the prayers. Good n
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