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    lt's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Funniest Movie ever for me. First saw this movie in a theater at Fort Bliss, Texas. I had my foot propped on the back of the chair in front of me. I got to laughing so hard at one scene ("I told you we shouldn't move to California") that my foot slipped off and I accidentlly kicked a little boy in the back of the head. When he turned around, rubbing his head and looking at me, I couldn't even apologize for my additional laughter. My stomach muscles hurt for three days from having laughed so hard.
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    I appreciate your position. In my case, when I hear Homeland Security intercepted another cyber attack, I know I had a hand in that. When our warfighters return home to their families, I know I had a hand in that. When the NSA catches someone spying on us, I know I had a hand in that too. The biggest thrill in my career was when a warfighter comes up and said they appreciate what we do because it made their life safer, easier, better or whatever. That too is why I do what I do. In this life there are give and takes. I'm willing to make a small sacrifice for those who make huge sacrifices for us.
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    Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail” Young Frankenstein Blues Brothers Stripes Airplane Johnny Dangerously Spaceballs Blazing Saddles Animal House Pulp Fiction The Jerk Office Space Dumb and Dumber Austin Powers Zombieland The Princess Bride Wayne’s World Fast Times at Ridgemont High Uncle Buck Talladega Nights, Legend of Ricky Bobby Super Troopers Robin Hood - Men in tights Life of Brian my brain hurts now...
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    Without a doubt, Young Frankenstein, followed closely by The Great Race, then Caddyshack (mainly because of Rodney Dangerfield).
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    Yeah, I just tried shooting duelist for the past month but my arthritis isn't going to let me do it. I had to go back to two hands. Oh well, at least I still shoot and enjoy my CAS matches. TM
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    You bet. Had to buy left handed rifles when the right arm was broken. Bought rimfire lever actions and SAA while the shoulder was healing. It never healed 100% so the 45-70 gov, 35 Whelen, 300 win mag had to leave the stable. Use this time as an excuse to buy multiple cheaper rimfires. When you heal, you can sell those multiples to get your one Tikka. Sometimes it sucks but if you listen to the doctor, it is usually best. You may not shoot for a few months now but you’ll be able to shoot for years after this instead of the reverse.
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    There's probably 20 oils that are great for future rust prevention. Boeshield T-9 is another that is quite good about staying put on the area applied and not attracting dust. RemOil is a commonly used gun oil, but it lacks stay-put power. Any rust-resisting wheel bearing grease will stay put and really prevent rust - apply very thinly and remove from bore before next range/field outing. But - Kroil is NOT going to stay put and prevent future problems. BTW - throw that can of Pyrodex on the lawn. It's REALLY hard to keep that stuff from corroding firearms. Good luck, GJ
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    The "very secure" facility that I used to work at had metal detectors that we went through when entering. They had the right to search your automobile, but they rarely did unless you were taking it into the working part of the plant, other than the mirror to inspect the undercarriage. Fortunately we lived in a low crime location and there were enough people carrying concealed that the criminal types rarely took a chance on attacking someone. Still, if we could obtain a security clearance we should have been trustworthy enough to have our pistols in our cars.... Duffield
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    Yes they can.......... (7) EXCEPTIONS.—The prohibitions in subsection (4) do not apply to: (d) Property owned or leased by a public or private employer or the landlord of a public or private employer upon which are conducted substantial activities involving national defense, aerospace, or homeland security. That's called the "Lockheed loophole". An employee was terminated from Lockheed. He went out to his car, retrieved his gun, went back in and killed a number of people. That's how the exception came to be.
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    Why didn't she call the po-po, the second she was in the store? That would have been a high priority call in any dept. OLG
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    And people wonder why they no longer teach history in school. We could be at a climactic point in our history. It is my hope that good and freedom triumph, as I am sure you all would agree. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke
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    Good for you, I still would refuse to give up my freedom, my life my choice! If your happy with your job that’s all that counts. Your life your choice!
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    I agree with you. I don't know the answer. IIRC this particular store is in one of the small municipalities along this main road. They may not have the staff. I am going to bring it up to the county sheriff and find out what he thinks and is planning on doing about it.
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    Got ya all beat. Here is just a sample of my t-shirts given to me from my wife and daughter. I also have hats. TM
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    Oh, quit her whinin'!!!! Just funnin' ya Pat. I'm sure at some point and SASS survives, that I'll have to shoot squaw grip. Until then, I'm going to shoot gunfighter or duelist. Hope you heal up and get back in action soon.
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    I did the same. Told them I didn't do business with the new bank handling their credit cards. I haven't been back since. TM
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    The Standard to which all others are held, and often found wanting:
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    Do you folks realize that most of those movies wouldn't be allowed today because they offend someone? P. O. O. P. See below.
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    Laurel and Hardy in The March of the Wooden Soldiers. It's the first movie that I remember seeing on TV back in the early 50s.
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    Donovan's Reef for all time favorite. It's a western if you consider the middle of the pacific western. The Quiet Man ranks high as well
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    Yes!! There IS a common sense gun law!! It’s called the Second Amendment!!
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    The thing is that the event is so cool that the heat ain’t a major problem!
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    Sending you a PM
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    Thank you Pale Wolf. Solves a small problem.
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    +1 and Blazing Saddles for sure
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    There goes Yul's chance to run for Governor. Rex
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    One suggestion. When you're looking for a 97 carry two shells, one a dummy round and the other a shotgun shell that has already been fired (preferably from a '97), and fired, not reloaded as a blank. When you see a '97 you're interested in, (with the seller's permission) rack the slide so the port is open and the carrier down, then load the fired round in by hand. You'll have to start it into the chamber as far as you can, but if it won't go don't force it because you could jam the gun up. Then close the slide and put the hammer down, so everything is setting just as if you had fired the round. Now rack the slide again, and that shell should pop out and eject a good distance. Now load the dummy round into the loading tube and work the slide, and the dummy round should feed. If either of those things don't happen, or don't work fairly smoothly, you're going to need to do some work and probably find some parts. If you do buy one, take it apart and CLEAN it. Good luck, they're fun guns to play with, but each one has its own personality.
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    Better have lots of change, I only drink the good stuff. Not that rot gut exliar.
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    Just when I was starting to like you...
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    Gun rolls back in your hand, raising the muzzle and bringing the hammer closer to your thumb; cock the hammer as the muzzle lowers to shooting position. More recoil = higher muzzle rise. This is assuming plow handle or birdhead grips.
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    30/15 with Blackhawk hammers. Shoot only federal primers to be safe. Significant difference from stock. But we'll worth it. Watch the videos it's pretty simple to do your self.
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    San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera hit back against the National Rifle Association on Thursday, asking a federal judge to toss out the lawsuit the pro-gun group filed against the city last month that accused the Board of Supervisors of violating its First Amendment rights. The NRA’s lawsuit came less than a week after the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution labeling the group as a “domestic terrorist organization” for its efforts to block gun reform legislation. Supervisor Catherine Stefani brought the legislation to the board two days after the deadly shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. In asking the court to dismiss the suit, Herrera’s office argues that the board’s action — a nonbinding resolution — represents an expression of a policy view and not a mandate to take any action. The NRA claimed in its lawsuit that the resolution would result in a blacklisting of the organization and anyone affiliated with it, potentially chilling their own rights of free expression. The resolution, the NRA claimed, constituted an “implicit censorship regime” by the city. “Criticizing the NRA is not against the law,” said John Coté, a spokesman for Herrera’s office. “The NRA is responsible for blocking common-sense gun safety measures like universal background checks, renewing the assault weapons ban and restricting high-capacity magazines,” Coté said. “For that, it should be publicly condemned. Legislators have the same free speech rights as their critics.” A few weeks ago, Mayor London Breed reminded city staff in a memo that the nonbinding resolution does not limit contracts with groups doing business with the pro-Second Amendment organization. “I knew all along that this was a non-binding resolution,” Stefani said in a statement on Oct. 1 and reiterated Thursday. “We made our point: the NRA is a terrorist organization. I will keep fighting them using every tool at my disposal.” The NRA said Thursday it won't withdraw its lawsuit yet. “The NRA will pursue this case until the City of San Francisco officially withdraws its unconstitutional threat and makes amends for the harm suffered by the NRA, its members, and its supporters,” NRA attorney William Brewer, said in an email. “The memo previously issued by the mayor underscores the merit of the NRA’s claims — but does not adequately address the negative impacts of the city’s unconstitutional resolution.”
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    Wouldn't "cowboy poi" be grits? Just thinking about it is making me hungry.
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    Here's a post from Nate Kiowa Jones from 2013. I use AutoZone brand brake parts cleaner. I use it everyday on the Rossi 92's and have been for the last 20 years. This is what I have found. First, not all brake parts cleaners are the same. Some are harsh enough to damage plastic parts and finishes. If you aren't certain the product is safe just purchase the Birchwood-Casey brand Gunscrub. I have never experience damage to any gun parts or finish using the AutoZone brand. Many years ago I contacted the manufacturer and ask them how it compared to the B-C Gunscrub. Comparing the ingredients they told me it was the same thing as their brake parts cleaner. This product by Albany Brake parts company was sold at the local Auto Zone parts store but packaged in Lafayette La. Since that time Auto zone has it packaged with their name on it. A word of caution, some Carburetor cleaners are caustic. They can be too harsh on wood finishes and plastic parts. Some of these carburetor cleans are like EZ-Off oven cleaner. I use Ez-off to help remove old finishes and oils from old gun stocks. Take the butt stock off before you do this. Spray it down the muzzle & in the action. When yer done, set it muzzle-up in the corner of the garage until all the residue has dripped out & evaporated. Then, lube it up good with a spray lube, run a patch down the bore, put the buttstock back on & yer done. Works very well. --Dawg
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    My snow is all Gone again ......... Nice day yesterday reached a high of 72 F yesterday and 65F today .... Started Shooting indoor Cowboy 3 stage mini matches 2nd and 4th Monday evening .... Just wrapping Up our Fundraiser for our Work in Uganda brought in $6,686 Had my bow out the other day ,,,, bow is fine, me I need a little Work .... Shooting not too bad , but the wind has been right Gusty ... Pumpkin Pie and Coffee fer da Grumps Jabez Cowboy
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    That's some good stuff right there Joe.
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    Are Phantoms compliments criticisms or are his criticisms compliments?
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    He does enjoy stirring the pot on occasion. The "wire" is just the "wire" not reality, he's a good hand on a posse and is very helpful to new shooters.
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    Why do I have to have two pistols? Is the Phantom I've come to know and love the same Phantom who is the scourge of the Wire?
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    What is Ace of Hearts secret in having so many girlfriends?
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    Bandoleer. Like the look and pulling four is very easy.
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    I got off of a horse pretty much like that and managed to tear something loose in the back of my calf! The good ole days were so much fun until they became so hurtful.
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    Wild Bunch is a side match..... (ducks and hides).
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    The Cartridges of the World book is an must-have for everyone ..........
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