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    Allie Mo: it'll be hotter than Hell's hinges. I generally abide by an 85-degree rule but will make an exception for Black Gold as long as I'm drawing breath and not institutionalized.
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    And people wonder why they no longer teach history in school. We could be at a climactic point in our history. It is my hope that good and freedom triumph, as I am sure you all would agree. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke
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    The SASS Kentucky State Championship well be held April 30, May 1, 2 at Ponderosa Pines in Manchester Ky. Home of The Black Gold Shootout! Applications are available on our web site ponderosa-pines.com There will be more information to come. Also Black Gold applications are available as well.
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    Got ya all beat. Here is just a sample of my t-shirts given to me from my wife and daughter. I also have hats. TM
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    The thing is that the event is so cool that the heat ain’t a major problem!
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    And we have eletrick fans on all the stages!
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    Wouldn't "cowboy poi" be grits? Just thinking about it is making me hungry.
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    My snow is all Gone again ......... Nice day yesterday reached a high of 72 F yesterday and 65F today .... Started Shooting indoor Cowboy 3 stage mini matches 2nd and 4th Monday evening .... Just wrapping Up our Fundraiser for our Work in Uganda brought in $6,686 Had my bow out the other day ,,,, bow is fine, me I need a little Work .... Shooting not too bad , but the wind has been right Gusty ... Pumpkin Pie and Coffee fer da Grumps Jabez Cowboy
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    You'll like the "plot" in this one.
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    Welcome to October. Mwwahahahaha!!
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    It's like saying you're an American with some national or ethnic prefix!! You're either an American or NOT!! You can add that your antecedents are from some other nation or continent if you like, but you're either simply an American or something not American!! Even naturalized immigrants are AMERICANS after they take that oath!! Leave the rest off!!
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