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    By happenstance this turned up in my Facebook memories this morning, as I was waiting for the "Slow" thread to load. Got me thinking about life, the universe, and everything. Burned Biscuits - A lesson we all should learn. When I was a kid, my Mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day at work. On that evening so long ago, my Mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage and extremely burned biscuits in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed! All my dad did was reach for his biscuit, smile at my Mom and ask me how my day was at school. I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on that ugly burned biscuit. He ate every bite of that thing...never made a face nor uttered a word about it! When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my Mom apologize to my dad for burning the biscuits. And I'll never forget what he said, "Honey, I love burned biscuits every now and then." Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy good night and I asked him if he really liked his biscuits burned. He wrapped me in his arms and said, "Your Mom put in a hard day at work today and she's real tired. And besides--a little burned biscuit never hurt anyone!" As I've grown older, I've thought about that many times. Life is full of imperfect things and imperfect people. I'm not the best at hardly anything, and I forget birthdays and anniversaries just like everyone else. But what I've learned over the years is that learning to accept each other's faults and choosing to celebrate each other’s differences is one of the most important keys to creating a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship. And that's my prayer for you today...that you will learn to take the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of your life and lay them at the feet of God. Because in the end, He's the only One who will be able to give you a relationship where a burnt biscuit isn't a deal-breaker! We could extend this to any relationship. In fact, understanding is the base of any relationship, be it a husband-wife or parent-child or friendship! "Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket--keep it in your own." So, please pass me a biscuit, and yes, the burned one will do just fine. And PLEASE pass this along to someone who has enriched your life--I just did! Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. "Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil--it has no point"
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    Pulling the trigger with too much finger. As you curl your right trigger finger you are pulling the firearm left?
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    They feel different. I like my plow handles but I much prefer the birdshead I have on my new pistols. You're going to get a lot of different opinions here. All I can say is try it. If you don't like it you'll know which one you prefer and can then see about matching them up.
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    First of all how can SHRIMP lose? Corn chowder can be ordinary, as can clam chowder, seafood chowder, fish chowder, but shrimp chowder, no way, only if everyone has a shrimp allergy can shrimp lose. So I again entered a chowder competition, I considered revising my recipe, using scallops or lobstah.that’d be something fah the ages, eh?, lobstah chowdah. But in heads up competition, my shrimp chowdah is undefeated. So I went with the formula that worked the past, 9 lbs potatoes, 8 lbs shrimp, 6 carrots, 4 yellow medium onions, 8 stalks of celery, 2 qts milk, 2 qts heavy cream and loads of love. Butter, bacon fat used for sautéing the onions, flavors galore, and a few culinary tricks.
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    Found on Facebook. $5.37! That's what the kid behind the counter at Taco Bell said to me. I dug into my pocket and pulled out some lint and two dimes and something that used to be a Jolly Rancher. Having already handed the kid a five-spot, I started to head back out to the truck to grab some change when the kid with the Elmo hairdo said the hardest thing anyone has ever said to me. He said, "It's OK. I'll just give you the senior citizen discount." I turned to see who he was talking to and then heard the sound of change hitting the counter in front of me. "Only $4.68" he said cheerfully. I stood there stupefied. I am 56, not even 60 yet? A mere child! Senior citizen? I took my burrito and walked out to the truck wondering what was wrong with Elmo. Was he blind? As I sat in the truck, my blood began to boil. Old? Me? I'll show him, I thought. I opened the door and headed back inside. I strode to the counter, and there he was waiting with a smile. Before I could say a word, he held up something and jingled it in front of me, like I could be that easily distracted! What am I now? A toddler? "Dude! Can't get too far without your car keys, eh?" I stared with utter disdain at the keys. I began to rationalize in my mind! "Leaving keys behind hardly makes a man elderly! It could happen to anyone!" I turned and headed back to the truck. I slipped the key into the ignition, but it wouldn't turn. What now? I checked my keys and tried another. Still nothing. That's when I noticed the purple beads hanging from my rear view mirror. I had no purple beads hanging from my rear view mirror. Then, a few other objects came into focus: The car seat in the back seat. Happy Meal toys spread all over the floorboard. A partially eaten dough nut on the dashboard. Faster than you can say ginkgo biloba, I flew out of the alien vehicle. Moments later I was speeding out of the parking lot, relieved to finally be leaving this nightmarish stop in my life. That is when I felt it, deep in the bowels of my stomach: hunger! My stomach growled and churned, and I reached to grab my burrito, only it was nowhere to be found. I swung the truck around, gathered my courage, and strode back into the restaurant one final time. There Elmo stood, draped in youth and black nail polish. All I could think was, "What is the world coming to?" All I could say was, "Did I leave my food and drink in here"? At this point I was ready to ask a Boy Scout to help me back to my vehicle, and then go straight home and apply for Social Security benefits. Elmo had no clue. I walked back out to the truck, and suddenly a young lad came up and tugged on my jeans to get my attention. He was holding up a drink and a bag. His mother explained, "I think you left this in my truck by mistake." I took the food and drink from the little boy and sheepishly apologized. She offered these kind words: "It's OK. My grandfather does stuff like this all the time." All of this is to explain how I got a ticket doing 85 in a 40 mph zone. Yessss, I was racing some punk kid in a Toyota Prius. And no, I told the officer, I'm not too old to be driving this fast. As I walked in the front door, my wife met me halfway down the hall. I handed her a bag of cold food and a $300 speeding ticket. I promptly sat in my rocking chair and covered up my legs with a blankey. The good news was that I had successfully found my way home. Pass this on to the other "old fogies" on your list (so they can have fun laughing, too). Notice the larger type? That's for those of us who have trouble reading. P.S. Save the earth...... It's the only planet with chocolate!!!!! Oops, did I send this to you already?
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    I've been following posts about how it's been so slow lately. How many of you remember when we followed CAS news on the old CAS-List, exchanging news, views, and opinions via group e-mail over 16K, then 28K and finally *gasp* 64K dialup modems? Thank you, Marshal Halloway!! Come to think of it, didn't we start out here on the first iteration of the SASS-Wire on dial-up? Heck, this was FAST then!
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    On a lighter note, it's Sunday, family get-together-day. So, I get to see my son and his wife, and my grand-kids. So, slow Wire or no, it's a good day!
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    You can do what a lot of trainers do. Leave one or two of the chambers empty, then spin the cylinder so that you don't know which ones are loaded. I bet when the gun clicks on an empty chamber you will see what the problem is. IMHO a death grip is rarely the best grip.
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    One person complained about the merged threads; several of us think it's a good idea. Thank you for being a fair and respectful moderator whoever you are
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    I own an 1872 opentop, an 1860 converted opentop, an 1858 converted Remington, an 1873 Peacemaker and an 1873 Wyatt Earp Buntline (a Peacemaker with a 10" barrel). I mix and match them all the time, even though the only pair that come close to truly matching are the opentops. Not only does it not affect my performance in the slightest, I can proudly say that, to the best of my memory, I have placed dead last in every shoot I have attended. And damn, do I look good doing it!
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    That's an anachronism. Revolvers are a type of pistol. The term pistol (or pistolet in French) has been used to refer to handguns since the 1500s.
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    Sorry to hijack the thread again, but that is the Lumpy I know!
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    Going to try this on my end to see if it'll make my internet go faster!
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    My Momma told me getting old wasn't for sissies.................She was right
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    Hi Hillbilly Drifter. I guess I am just a hiibilly as I don't drift too much any more. I wanted to try some Black Powder, just for the fun of it, so I just bought two Uberti Cattleman II Revolvers in 44-40 and an 1866 in 44-40 to make smoke. I just did not want to put black in my SS Vaqueros or 73 and I wanted to try that old original caliber. I wanted the option of shooting either smokeless or black powder from day to day which ever way I felt for that day. I tell my wife I am just going out to make a lot of smoke and noise to have fun. I will be seeing you in the Spring. Keep your powder dry, Lone Rider
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    It was fun having the Flash shoot with us yesterday! And, Iron Cowboy looks like he's growing another 6 inchs every time I see him. I also noticed his boots yesterday, & they were as big as skis. He's going to be a very tall man! I was well aware of your 3rd place finish, as you got me by 2.3 seconds.
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    I’m going to go against conventional wisdom here and say shoot whatever you want. What I will advise though is to ALWAYS shoot the same pistols with the same hands. For instance, the plow handle always in your right hand and the birds head always in your left hand. If you maintain that consistency there’s no reason you can’t get pretty darn good and have fun doing it.
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    Look for screws near the trigger/mag area on the bottom of the stock. Do you have an adjustable in/lb torque driver? Post pics of the rifles in question. OLG
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    Just ordered 3 for the boys and myself. Thank you
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    A couple of years back the misses bought a 9mm Cobra. After she shot one barrel she handed it to me. I shot the other barrel. It became a safe queen that I have brought it out occasionally to shoot at most 6 cartridges. I would rather shoot a box of 50 158 grain hard cast 357M out of my S&W Model 66 with 4" barrel.
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    This thread makes me happy. Imagine, having nothing more urgent than a slow social media forum to grouse about. I'll grant that when I'm trying to access it on my phone it is a bit of an annoyance, but at home, using my desktop I will hit "open in new tab" on something I want to read, and open another tab for other social media and just switch between the tabs. The wonder of the dancing bear is not the grace with which it dances, but that it dances at all.
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    Yep, folks who wear a derringer to the main match stages do that exactly once. They then realize there is no need to pack it while competing in main match. And, I've seen lots of derringer side matches - never are you required or even allowed to start with derringer in holster. Good luck, GJ
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    Not close at all. The Liberty and CZ-USA spring has a post at the juncture of the legs that stick into the side plate. The 87 spring is much heavier and opens wider. The 87 spring hooks over a pin about .25 diamater. The Library spring hooks over a much smaller stirrup.
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    For the money we pay for dues it is very hard to figure out why they can't get this website up to date and speedy. Other websites are faster than this and I don't pay a dime to belong to them and I also post on those with no problems. I think SASS needs to hire a IT guy to run this or at least get somebody that knows what is going on. If this keeps up I'm believing quite a few people will not renew when it comes time, they rely on this forum to ask questions and get answers and also to learn about cowboy things. This is not the first this has happened, it seems like this goes on and on and on all the time, it gets fixed and then a week later back to the old slow wire, getting pretty old real fast, listen up SASS, get it together. All for now JD Trampas ( and it took awhile to log in and post this, what a shame )
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    The new CZ Sharptail could be the "new" SKB.....this is a new model from CZ....coil springs, great trigger, solid action, built like a tank....I have one in 20g for upland hunting and love it. Good luck with the sale!
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    Credit goes to Deuce Stevens, I merely pasted a link to his YouTube video.
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    Thanks Tyrel for taking the time to make this video! Excellent! SCJ
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    With respect I think you would of known beforehand what you were getting for your money !!!!!!!!
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    It is important you rough up the front blade a little before attaching the Sure Hit sight
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    It'll most likely slow ya down some. But if being a speed demon isn't the most important to ya, go ahead & buy the gun that you find the coolest, & have fun. --Dawg
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    Bonds are really thick. Cobra's are cheap and are more that good enough for side matches. They more closely resemble original Remington derringers. Fairly cheap but hard to find one I like that isn't a .22.
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    Charlie I think you have explained it so and ole cowboy like me can get a handle on it. My answer above was not in response to your post. I do appreciate all who offer helpful information on the wire. Those that don't, I just appreciate you pards for different reasons...LOL I love all you cowboys, greatest group of folks I have ever been associated with. Abilene
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    Lots of good info there. I'm going to disagree with you however on the high capacity magazine thing. Exactly what numerical quantity defines high versus low? How can one possibly ascribe a random number of quantity to determine whether something is high or low or dangerous or not dangerous? (Besides cholesterol or high BP ) I reject the notion of an arbitrary number as defined by an anti-gun liberal politician determining whether or not a capacity of a magazine is high or low or dangerous or not. That's just ridiculous. I realize that certain state's law might contradict me and that common sense but there's not a whole lot of common sense in the anti-gun liberal-hyper-emotional-lack of thought process. If something is mass produced for decade upon decade, exists in the hundreds of thousands if not millions and is held in common possession and common usage, (20, 30 rd mags) at very least that should be considered a standard of something, not extra or in this case determined to be "high". Especially for the purposes of a political agenda that has everything to do with an emotional knee jerk reaction and nothing to do with reality. I will concede that 30 of something is less than 60 of something and that 60 is a higher numerical value than 30 but that's for the sake of a math discussion and nothing pertaining to weapon's magazine capacity perversely determining inherent danger of an inanimate object.
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    If his sjhoulder rig does not fit, let me know. I have one I used to carry a pocket pistol in that might work.
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    Which is where the term Slow as MolasSASS comes from.
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    First CAS City, now SASS. I'm going be reduced to watching CNN if this gets any worse.
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    Time to tune up the camper and take a vacation. Hope to make it, and just enjoy the shoot! I got room for one more hearty New Englander to ride shotgun!
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    I've noticed over the years that the faster computers/electronic devices get, the more impatient we get.
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    SxS loading/ Operational drills. In my opinion; it all starts with the gun. Receiver shape and size. You want to find one with a narrow receiver profile. Tall and skinny works best. Next - shell insertion. Take a look at the opening to the chamber; is it wide open or constricted? The bigger the opening; the easier to insert shells. I have found the best openings to be nearly rectangular. Next - forearm construction. You want enough forearm to get a good solid grip on; but not so much as it feels like a brick in your hand. Again, this is fully subjective, but I prefer my shotgun forearms to have a little fore and aft movement in them. This movement aids immensely in getting shells out of the gun. Barrel construction A lot of SxS shooters like having two barrels next to each other; this is simply too much weight and redundant parts. Again, my opinion, but the best SxS shotguns have only a single barrel with a secondary barrel (let's call it a "tube") underneath it. This makes the gun lighter and again works better with the taller receiver. Hot rod tips The rules say no ejectors on the SxS shotguns; but if you follow my advice and find yourself one of the tall, narrow receiver single barrel versions with the rectangular shell entry and moving forearm... You can get away with having an ejector and no one will even question it. Good luck.
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    I dont know what you guys are complaining about, its lightnin' fast on my AOL dial up ! BBZZZZZZBBBRRRRRBBEEEEPPP
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    I will just say that Ohio used to be in the Mideast region and GoA did a fine job hosting that regional. Then SASS dissolved the Mideast and put Ohio in the Northeast region. I travelled from Ohio to NH last year to attend our new regional at the Great Nor'Easter and enjoyed every minute of it and met a lot of new friends while visiting NH, which is geographically almost as far at the other end of the NE as you can get. So, I invite all of the northeast shooters to make the reverse travels and join us in Ohio at Guns of August. You will most likely have the same type of experience I enjoyed last year. You will shoot a great match. You will meet new cowboy friends and if your are lucky you will head home with some hardware.
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    Plus 1 to this. Any dissatisfaction with the geography of the region should voice that to SASS. Kudos to this club for taking it on.
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    I want to ride in the Jeep instead of walk...
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    I would Love to shoot it..... but unfortunately for me, the Only way I can physically shoot a pistol safely is two handed.... (Gunfighter is OUT.... Maybe a very slow left handed duelist, but it would'nt be pretty) So If they make exceptions for Old Geezers with motorcycle wrecked hands and wrists.... Then I'm In!!!!
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    My little girl shooting my personal "finest battle implement".
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