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Help finding post about blood lead level

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I've searched and can't seem to find prior post about reducing blood lead level.  Mine has risen to 12.something recently and I'd like to reduce it.  Pieces of lead in my leg from returning bullet fragments is what caused it and I have a referral in for a surgeon to get one of them removed.  Anyway, I remember seeing something about some vitamins you can take that will help.




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A former Swat officer I shoot with recommended taking a Centrum every day. Centrum contains a lot of trace metals and minerals the body needs so your body will replace the lead it had adsorbed with the trace metals and minerals it needs.


He said after a year of taking Centrum, his unit had their lead levels tested and all of them were significantly lower.  It came up with my doctor during a physical a while back and he agreed that while slower than taking a chelating agent it was better for your body.  My BLL has dropped 3 points since I started taking Centrum.



Be aware that spirulina is often contaminated with heavy metals. You have to be very careful of the manufacturer. Otherwise it can do more harm than good.

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I wrote a rather detailed 9-page white paper on Controlling Blood Levels for cowboy shooters that first appeared as an article in the March 2015 issue of The Cowboy Chronicle. (I also posted it to the SASSwire, but can't find it now.) You can download a free copy from our club's Documents page by CLICKING HERE 4th documentr down the page.  It describes a safe and healthful way to reduce your blood lead level (BLL) without the need for prescription drugs. Now, 10 years later, I know a whole bunch of shooters who have been highly successful with this process.


PM me if you can't download it.


Good luck!


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I've never worried much over the about 30 years I've played CAS.  However I have had a need for Iron Supplements to help rebuild my Blood counts.  Seems every time I walk by the fridge now, ALL the fridge magnets jump to ME.  Weird that. :rolleyes:

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