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Johnny Carson & Doc Severinsen Talk Thanksgiving Plans on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

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No matter how many times I watch this clip, I still find it hysterical. In addition to being a great trumpet player, Doc was a very funny man.



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I (and millions of others) miss these guys.


We didn't realize how good we had it until they were gone.

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i remember that one , im not sure exactly what date it is but it crossed my mind at the time they might want to give up women = then i remembered i had the same issues ..............now with my third wife we just cook the turkey breast - no more arguing over stuffing , we make that separate , we might have been richer had we met first but i had to pay off the other two , lesson to the young here - if there are any - dont get married till your really , really , sure that you found the one , 


second lesson is - you gotta laugh at your mistakes 

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Posted (edited)

Johnny Carson was pure class.


The Tonight Show Band with Doc Severinson was one of the most amazing groups of musicians ever assembled.


Johnny, Ed and Doc were the apex of comedy and entertainment on late night tv.


The vast majority of late night comedians today have no idea what comedy is.

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"With tie askew and nose aglow" :D

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There is a video of Johnny and Ed where Ed is drunk during the show and Johnny calls him out on it. Absolutely hilarious.

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