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What Day Is It?

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And another four long months to go.


We are free thanks to the greatest generation...and I thank them for it.:FlagAm:

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I remember a bit of VJ Day. I was almost 2 and my Father was an instructor with the BCATP #2 AOS in Edmonton.

I recall it was dark (night) in my Mother's and Father carrying me and people cheering, grabbing my Dad and carrying him away on their shoulders while Mother tried to keep up with the crowd.

My Mother was crying about something. She told me years later, when I could understand, that she was happy. All her brothers and brother-in-laws had, at last report, survived combat and would be returning home.

Something's leave an impression. 

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16 minutes ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

The picture or the sailor in Times Square was  VJ Day.


You sent me back to the OP, "Did I  get that one mixed on by mistake?"  Nope. 


There was one photo,  or maybe ir was a newsreel, I saw on a PBS show about VJ Day, a young woman being helped down from on top of some sort of monument (a pillar about 10 or 12 feet tall) in a public square,  naked from the waist down.   I  think it was Los Angeles or San Francisco.  

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