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One of my overthinkings, for you to consider


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I'm watching The Terminator. The first one. And the guy they sent back to take out Ahnuld, was having a little flashback. Thinking back to his own time and a battle between him and some other guys and the machines.


Now if the machines have taken over, do you suppose they would have also taken over ammunition factories?


They had a Ma Deuce. And it just occurred to me that ammunition might be hard to come by, and in that case you would not be wanting to use a machine gun.


What y'all think?



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Are you trying to figure out where to score ammo five years from now?


To answer the question, I don't think that firearms, especially small caliber firearms, are particularly effect against the T1 terminators. They kind of slow the T2's down a little but then they just reform and continue their mission. Forget firearms, think explosives. Remember 2029 is coming up quick and AI is already here.


Cue the Terminator music

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No. T2 they sent back a Terminator that was apparently made out of mercury with the mission of killing teenage John Conner, and then they sent back Ahnuld to protect him. They did not send a person back in T2. So obviously the person they sent back could not be reminiscing about the war. B)

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