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lingonberry pronunciation


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I first heard of this berry a few years ago. I read of it, and then they spoke of it offhandedly on a Castle episode.


Castle pronounced it with a hard G - like gun.


Then the other day I heard someone on a YouTube video mention it, and he pronounced it with a soft G - like gym.


The all-knowing internet tells me all about it. Everything I could ever want to know about the lingenberry. Except how it is pronounced.


Is it an EE-ther/EYE-ther situation - both pronunciations are correct? And if only one of them is correct, which one?

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I have always called them “ling-en-berries”. No one has corrected me. Probably because they pronounced it the same way. 

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I know my ears have gone bad. That second one sounded like he was saying


Lean-gun berry


But the first one sounded like

Ling-mun berry


And I just could not figure where the hell he was getting the M at.

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