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Someone is insecure. 


"Be careful, this thing will take your eye out! This is what happens when you place a 420 mm (16.5 inch) gun on a tank-sized chassis. It  is the 2B1 "Oka", and unsurprisingly, it wasn't very successful.

It could launch enormous nuclear projectiles dozens of kilometers away, transmitting brutal shock into its hull and suspension. Its running gear was reinforced to help alleviate these issues but it couldn't stop it entirely. While its gun was formidable, the 2B1 was simply a logistical nightmare. The 20 m barrel made transport difficult, its 420 mm ammunition was cumbersome and the rate of fire was slow.

Missiles systems could do a similar job with a lot less hassle, so the vehicle was retired.

Kinda bit of an embarrassment this one in comparison....

https://tankhistoria.com/cold-war/t-34-100/  "



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Almost as long as an Iowa class 16”/50. Projectile is nowhere near as big. At 420 mm, the projectile was shorter than those of the American 8” howitzer.


BTW, the link goes to tanks with 100 mm tubes.

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