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Marlin 94 ejection direction

Tulsey, SASS#11236

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I have a 44 Magnum Marlin 94 that finally is feeding well and is easy to clean with black powder Specials and Magnum brass . I have been using it a  club that has some nice props that are elevated about a foot or so above the ground. Most of the rifle locations have the shooter back about two feet from the downrange end of the prop.. There are no side berms so a person cannot go forward to pick up brass. The other day I was shooting the Marlin 94 had a loss rate from 20 to 50 percent each stage. Many of those I found later after the match where they rolled off the prop.   Afterwards,  I tried one of the new Ruger/Marlin ejectors and it was about the same distance and direction, forward and to the right.. That got me to compare it with some Winchester 92s which I found threw brass right and behind from a few feet to several feet.  Looks like I will use the 92s at that club unless there is something i can do to the Marlin to change the direction of the spent brass so I can quit thinking about all the brass I am losing. . Any suggestions?   

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After posing the topic, I did a search and found lots of comments on the SASS wire about 12 years ago when Marlin's were more popular and had the same problems with ejection direction. The ejectors are not cheap now adays, but at least are available from Ruger. I might try to see if I can tweak one a little or try one from one of my other Marlin's to see if they might be a little different .  

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I shot Fire & Ice with a Marlin.  I got less than half of my rifle brass back.  That’s just how they eject.  My other four Marlins eject the same.  I pick up once-fired revolver brass on ranges used for concealed carry qualification.  These offset my losses.


A suggestions:  After the match pick up any brass that looks like a 44 mag.  You will get them and 45 Colt and 44-40s.  Hand these to those who shoot them.  You will be appreciated.


I have found 44 once-fired brass at ten cents a case many times on online auction sites.

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