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Hodgdon trap #14

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5 minutes ago, Uriah, SASS # 53822 said:

Does anyone have has a recipe for 12 gauge or 38 special?

Hodgdon Trap #14

It predates the Internet 30 years.




Try contacting hodgdon see if they have info

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Any idea what time frame?  I have reloading books that go back to the 1950's.  

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I saw references that compared it to Red Dot for shotgun. There was another comment that said the burn rate was near Unique. It seems that it was considered a shotgun powder. The “shotgun powders” we have today are all fast burning powders. A lot of us are using different powders but loading around 3.0 grains of powder behind 125 or 158 bullets. This is a very low pressure load in guns (most of us) chambered for 357 mag, which is a very high pressure round. 

With the powder market today I’d probably try to sell to a collector first, but if it didn’t sell I would open that container and load a few 38’s starting at 3.0 grains. Maybe work up a notch or so if they felt wimpy. I’d be checking the barrel after each shot looking for stuck bullets. I’d be very surprised if this powder didn’t work pretty well. 

But then, I’m cheap and hate to throw things out. 
Sam Sackett 

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