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WTB 45-120 Brass

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I wanted to make you aware that a fellow by name of Hollett (who has been banned) and his side kick Ferrell Cohen tried to scam me today.  They had 100 pieces of 45-120 Starline brass for 175 plus shipping (already sounds funny since this brass is going for about 3 to 5 buck each.)  Only wanted PayPal or Venno, would not supply me a pix of their driver licenses & provided an apartment  address in Benbrook Texas.  He took a pix of the brass all saran wrapped but there was no star Line stamping on the head stamp.  


Beware when a person he has a buddy who has exactly what you need for one heck of a good deal!!!!!


And by the way, he got no money from me.


Tennessee Snuffy

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Hello Snuffy.

I have some Norma 45 Basic (3 1/4") new brass, maybe some Bertram as well. How much do you need? A friend has expressed some interest boy has not committed. I will know more tomorrow. --trvlr

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I have replied to every one of your PMs. For some reason they do not seem to be getting through. Tried something different last night. Maybe that will work. —trvlr

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There's almost always some on Gunbroker - at $5.00 to $7.75 each, shipped, it's a little pricy maybe, but I've also seen the stuff sell in the past couple years for $10 each, or more. How do you put a price on something that isn't available anymore? Well, except for RMC, @ $207 per 20, shipped.




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