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Dogs are busy tonight

Trigger Mike

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This morning when my truck was broken into my dogs were having a fit.  Tonight since dark they have been constantly barking, lot more than usual.  Every so often I go out with a thermal scope to look around.  I also praise them if they come to me.  There is a druggie homeless guy in the area that has broken into some of my neighbors cars .  

after a while they moved up towards my neighbors house so I texted him.  

after they finally settled down, I heard coyotes in the distance and that set my dogs off again.   

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I don’t know but one of my dogs is an anatonian shepherd and he is huge and bread to take out coyotes to protect livestock and the other two are yellow labs.  The shepherd has a deep bark and charges the coyotes and one of the labs always joins him, the other one barks from the porch 

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9 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

How big a dog will Coyotes have a go at?

If the dog is a Great Pyrenees the coyote is dead dead dead, no matter the coyotes size. Single Great Pyrenees have been known to kill several coyotes in one fight. By now coyotes should know better to pick fights with those brutes. 


Now, my daschunds on the other hand would be nothing more than an hors de oveure for a coyote.

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11 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

How big a dog will Coyotes have a go at?

Not just the size of the dog matters but how close to its owner. My uncle and cousins run lots of cows and coyotes can destroy the profits for a whole herd in short order. With them I have hunted coyotes for years and watched as they will try to lure a dog away and then have multiple hidden coyotes attack at once. Sometimes it is a coyote looking like it might want to play, sometimes acting hurt, sometimes a female in season wandering (apparently) aimlessly until the male dog is to far away from people who might help. Watching a group of coyotes literally pull a new born calf from the mother cow and partially eating it before it hits the ground will change your viewpoint on “live and let live”


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Gateway Kid

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