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Evil Roy

Forty  Rod SASS 3935

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Back when I joined SASS there were a number of the "old timers" that I got to know, some very well and some not so much.  Many of them became people I admired greatly.  One of them was Evil Roy.


I have heard of a  movie by that name, but until this morning I had never seen it.....and now I wish I hadn't.


I'm very sorry my old friend, but that movie just didn't do you justice.  Gomez Addams playing you was a true travesty and they had you portrayed as a dufus fool, and you just ain't any kind of fool.


I apologize to you for anyone who mistakes the man in the movie for you or thinks poorly of you because they saw it and never met you.


Your friend,


Forty Rod


:(  :P

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I'm assuming that 40 was making a funny. Evil Roy Slade is a parody of westerns. Like Rustlers Rhapsody, Blazing Saddles, and The Villain, it is not supposed to be taken seriously. It's a joke.


Not as much of a joke as Hell to Pay, but still a joke.

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One you should look for, if you've never seen it. Westward the Women.


There's a town full of lonely men, and they send back east for wives. So this wagon train made up entirely of women, except for Robert Taylor (ivanhoe, not Longmire), who is the wagon master.


Very good movie.

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Forever typecast as Gomez Addams, whom I liked as Gomez Addams.
However, just looking at the movie poster, to my eyes this is every bit the stinker I sprung on the missus last week, but without the boobs and barfing monster.


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