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In the Hieronymuss Bosch's "The Garden of Earthly Delights" painting (1480-1490 circa) there is some music written on the butt of one of the characters in hell.
But how sounds this 15th Century melody?
Here is how is the 600-years-old butt music from hell sounds:
Arranged in the style of the period (the music score on the butt is just a short riff intended to be repeated) and played on Lute, Harp, and Hurdy-Gurdy by James Spalink.
The melody is based on the transcription by Amelia Hamrick.


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While I was listening to that I kept waiting for the hard driving heavy metal guitar to break in. It’s actually a cool song. Thanks Sue. :)

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At first glance, I kinda figured it was gonna sound like ass, butt it really is quite pleasant.

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