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I always have to chuckle at the people who feel the need, more like compulsion, to digitally thump their chests and bellow from the screen, "Well I don't use PHAKEBOOK!!" 


It's an online resource that, in spite of it's non-standard and biased "community standards" isn't all that different than any other.  It is what you make of it. Bias doesn't really worry me because you can't avoid it.


Before hard copy encyclopedia became obsolete it was fun to look up the same subject in several different ones and see the editorial bias from Britannica to World Book to Columbia to Americana.  Bias is ALWAYS there.

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Want to see amusing? Mention one little word in a gun forum. That word is “Glock”. :lol:




“Auto Correct” is two words that cause “amusing”…



Not really

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Maybe I never felt the need to use it because 4 of our 5 kids and 9 of our 12 grandchildren live/grew up within walking distance of our house, and the other one and her 3 live just 30 miles away. So Facebook was never needed for family contact. It has always seemed to me that family connection is the best use.


I remember in the early days of FB many public entities were using it in place of their own websites, and some still do. I was highly resistive to the use of a private proprietary vehicle to gain access to public agencies.


There's a difference between the usefulness in our individual cases, and the negative social impact at the mass level of social media, which could also be said of the internet as a whole. 


Many FB posts I've seen or heard described remind me of the types who send out those self-referential Christmas letters, decribing their exotic vacations and the wonderfulness of their toddlers, big and little, and their lives. But all year 'round...


I fault nobody for using FB at all. However, I do (mildly) dislike FB links in open public forums, because they cannot be accessed by non-members. 


Of course, curmudgeonly contrarianism enters in to it. Sort of the flip side of the supposition of users that everybody is or ought to be on the platform.

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When I say that I “don’t use Facebook” I merely state it as a fact.  Schoolmarm does and occasionally references it in conversation about our friends that do.


 I’m on the SASS forums, a street rod/rat rod forum, and a forum for inline engines.  I moderate on the rat rod forum and have been asked to moderate on the inline forum and those are enough electronic interaction for me.



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