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Somebody got arrested around the corner today, and I was going through the arrest logs online trying to see what they got arrested for. Did not see them, but I found this guy.




As you can see, he was charged with three crimes.


Would it cost him $25,000 to bail out, since it's 10K on one, 10K on the second one and 5K on the 3rd, or would it only cost him 10, because they bond concurrently?


It seems to me, logically, that it should cost him 25k. But many things about the legal profession do not seem logical to me.

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1 hour ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

Everything that’s not federal varies by state.

And every thing that is federal varies by social status..... See Alec Baldwin :angry:, Hunter Biden :angry:, many others


:FlagAm:  :FlagAm:  :FlagAm:

Gateway Kid

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Bonds are consecutive.   Add them all up and that's what it takes to get out.  A bonding company routinely charges 10% of the bond to sign for you.  If someone will put up their real estate as collateral for the full value of the bond, then it will cost you nothing.   If you can't afford to get out, you can wait a few days for the preliminary hearing and some sniveling liberal Magistrate judge will probably reduce your bond by 75% or more.

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