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Linn Kellers post makes me even more proud of my grandson.  He has put away his childhood, given up a fairly lucrative job as a lube center manager, and is going to college to become an EMT.  When he's finished with that schooling he has a pretty good chance of going to work for the Las Vegas Fire Department Academy and a year or more OJT, then more tech training to become a full-fledged Paramedic.


He's very enthusiastic about this and so far has good grades.


I truly pray that someday someone will give him the compliments that Linn gave his ambulance support team.


And, Linn, please tell them how appreciative you are.  They deserve it.

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I was a volunteer firefighter for 15 years and an EMT for 9. A job change forced me off the department for a number of years. Due to difficulty getting volunteer's these days I'm back at it again. I can't do the entry work I once could, but I can still drive!


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Michigan Slim, it resonated with me when you said your son was an "unfocused kid" in his youth.  My son Stu was kicked out of four schools before finishing high school in the vocational tech program with a welding certificate.  And he's a very smart guy.  He was just not interested in what the schools were teaching.  At 16 he joined our local volunteer firefighting department and never looked back.  He wore a blue uniform and drove ambulances in the South Bronx NYC before joining the Merchant Marine and sailing cargo ships around the world for 3 years -- that's where he REALLY grew up, I think.  He quit a six-figure paying deck officer's job to become a professional firefighter.  I cannot imagine him doing anything other than firefighting, he loves it so much. 

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