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Ruger Spring kit

Buckshot Bear

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Depends on which model Rugers you have SASS Rugers already have lighter springs.

Ditto on this 

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21 hours ago, Still hand Bill said:

Lower trigger pull weight.  Maybe slower lock time depending on spring choice.   It was a measurable difference when I swapped springs in my rugers.   Don’t remember the numbers, but it was 1-2 lbs less. 


No dramas with primer ignition? 

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Primer ignition depends on lots of things, springs being only one of them.

How light a spring are you planning on using? Heavy springs are used by many mfgs. to ensure function in the face of poor fit and finish

Have the guns been tuned/smithed to be smooth without burrs, glitches or parts dragging against each other. slows down the hammer fall especially with light springs.

Is the firing pin extending correctly the proper distance out from its bushing. to short and you will get a light strike, to long and it is subject to damage.

Is your hammer pull to full cock then squeeze trigger to release? or do you let go while slip hammering and occasionally only pulling the hammer back most of the way? again to short when cocking can result in insufficient hammer speed coupled with light springs equals misfires.

Is the cylinder correctly indexed so when the firing pin strikes the primer it is centered and not off to one side. Off center strikes with sub par primers can fail to correctly compress the "pellet" that goes bang and ignites your powder.

Fairly certain that the more "gunsmith" types could better explain all this but these are some of the things to watch out for.

BTW if I haven't welcomed you to the game


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