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So I have several Firearms that I will be selling at Bordertown. 

An Uberti 1873 in 357 with shortstroke kit,alum carrier, large brass sight, action job and refinished and checkered stocks $1100sold to Johnny Meadows.

An Uberti 1873 in 38-40 with the same and 100+ rounds 38-40 ammo and reloading dies $1250 Pic is the one with the stars on the stock

An SKB 100  with Johnny Meadows action job and recoil pad. $1250soldto Tornado

A Model 12 Winchester ,  barrel cut and large brass bead. $575

A Colt 1851 Navy First blackpowder series  $550

One Federal 1000 small pistol primer left(sold two boxes to Too Tall), two Federal Large Pistol 1000 primers and two 1000 small magnum pistol primers.  $75 each   all sold






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