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WTB Pocket Watch


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Give my friend Dale Danielson a call up in Redmond Washington, he is very much into pocket watches and sold me my railroad watch a while back. 


Tell Dale that Tom Graham told you to call!



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Howdy, Okie,

About 15 years ago on ebay, you could get working antique pocket watches all day for $100 - $125. I bought several.

I don't even look now. (Actually, I just looked, and there are a bunch to choose from for under $100).

I wore them until they stopped working, then I would carry a different one.

The problem with antiques, the main spring is old, and it loses its "springiness", and, even after cleaning, the watch starts to run slowly, or stops altogether.

After that happened to a bunch of them, I went to our neighborhood sutler, the Mart from Wal, and bought a $10 pocket watch. 

It worked a couple of years, and then stopped working. So I bought another one.

They're cheap enough that, if someone admires it, you can give it to them, and look like a good guy. 

But, for a celebration or party, I still wear an antique, just 'cause they look so cool!



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I wanted an original key wind watch and bought one a few years ago.  It was cleaned and set for time by a watch collector/saleman.  It is an Elgin made in 1873.  It is key wind and key set.  $150.00 shipped.







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