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44-40 dies

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Still cleaning up my 44-40 items but this should be the last of them.  I hope to ship all dies except #1 by USPS will be $12 shipping.    I purchased all dies use from other shooters.


1,   Set of Lee Dies    $35 to you

2,  Mixed set, Lyman sizer and seater and Lee Crimp   $35 to you


















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1. The RCBS dies, picture of the label with RCBS part #


2. The Uberti, what year is it? Is it a Cimarron, or  Uberti /Stoeger, or? 


3. Is the gun a 4 click hammer or the retracto firing pin 'safety hammer' ?

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I'll take the red box Lee die set if the decapping pin is still intact.

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6 hours ago, Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life said:

I will take the rcbs dies for $30 plus shipping. 

Gateway Kid

It is yours.  Just send payment to:


Mike St. John

324 Carriage Place

Lebanon, MO 65536


Send me your address and I will get it ready.  

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