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  1. Can Someone provide links to these two guys websites? .
  2. Who's the Smith that welds low wide spurs on SAA hammers? Ive seen his web site. Forgot who the guy is Anyone have some nice pics of his hammer work? Are the just utilitarian or are they a work of art?
  3. What does "Wire" stand for? or mean? Havent seen ant threads on bailing wire or fence wire...?... or telegraph wire
  4. gsp7

    SAA trigger pull

    How light is you trigger pull in lbs. or ounces on your slicked up Uberti cattleman or what ever you got ?
  5. I called Cimarron parts this morning while they were opened and got the answer to my question Here is the two Low/Wide hammer styles. ..... I like the top on. ...Looks like my CMS pro Uberti Cimarron Hammer Low/Wide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tayler's Uberti hammer Low/Wide... a little different .
  6. Nuttin'? ....nobody noticed or knows?
  7. I have a Uberti CMS pro (stoeger/beneli) and I noticed the Uberti CMS low wide hammer and also the Cimarron Thunderstorm Low wide Hammer is a little differently shaped then the Taylor Runnin iron Low Wide hammer Anyone else notice this too. I like the shape of my CMS hammer compared to the Runnin Iron Hammer Has anyone bought a one of these low wide hammers from Cimarron or know if their parts people will sell you one? and do they come in Non safety type?
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