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Henry Warning about SCAM


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FYI I just received this email from Henry. Many of you probably did as well, but wanted to make sure:


We have been made aware of at least two fraudulent online retail websites that present themselves as being dedicated Henry firearm dealers. In the interest of your privacy and sensitive personal information, we would like to make the Henry Family aware of these retailers as we work to remove them.
The websites share names like Henry Gun Store or Henry Gun Shop and require payment through apps like Zelle or a  cryptocurrency wallet. If this looks like a website you have run across, please steer clear and do not provide them with any of your financial information.
It's unfortunate that bad actors take advantage of a time like this when our firearms are in such high demand. If you believe that you have been defrauded by one of these retailers, we urge you to file a report with your bank, the FTC, and the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.
Be safe out there!
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They got me.  I ordered a rifle at 2:00 am and they responded almost immediately.  They sent me a link to pay through Zelle.  Looking back, all the signs were there, but it looked like a legitimate Henry Dealer.  It was www.henrygunshop.com


Once I sent them the funds, they claimed that they did not come through on their end.  I called my bank and they verified that the funds had been deposited into a Bank of America account.  I currently have a fraud claim with my bank and also reported them to the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit.


Lesson learned... DO NOT use ZELLE to pay for anything.  Zelle is for money transfers only.

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1 hour ago, azbordermonkey said:

... I ordered a rifle at 2:00 am and they responded almost immediately.  They sent me a link to pay through Zelle.

Zelle prohibits users from using the service for firearms purchases (same as PayPal).


So even if Zelle does recognize it as a scam, you may still be screwed.

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