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  1. Redleg, do you shoot any w.b. Or BAMM? Our monthly  Wild Bunch match is in Bowie , Tx  3 rd weekend. Dusty Boddams


    1. Redleg Reilly, SASS #46372

      Redleg Reilly, SASS #46372

      Thanks, Dusty but I don't shoot that stuff.  Still having too much fun shooting cowboy.

    2. Dusty Boddems

      Dusty Boddems

      Very good! Just thought I would check since y’all are so close. 

    3. Redleg Reilly, SASS #46372
  2. LEP, dark blue? If so it probably needs more air in the tiresthat or the chrome muffler bearing needs tweeking
  3. I've actually taken a primed case put it in a vice used a pair of pliers to hold a round nose bullet and beat the bullet with a hammer and it did Not go off. I've done it several times same result. Try it for yourself. Also thousands of rounds over many years out of my 66 and 73's but I say this if your not comfortable with it then don't do it. Dusty Boddams
  4. Really no reason to get velocity obsessed. 1200 -1300 fps out of that rifle will drop anything in the great state of Texas! I reduce my 44 mag. To that and have had really great luck but then again last few years I've been killing deer and hogs with my 45acp 1911 and they appear to be just as dead. Happy hunting! Dusty Boddams
  5. W3G! WTG didn't look right when I wrote it! On thinking about it I bet I know some folks who could be game........ I will keep you posted. Dusty
  6. Allie Moe, WTG looks to me to be lots of fun. I'm not aware of it being shot in north Texas area but if ever happens around here I would sign up for it. I do shoot a fair amount of combat style matches featuring a lot of movement around here and just to keep it interesting I use a Suomi 9mm carbine or a 27 Thompson carbine . pistols are hi powers or 1911's. At the carbine matches I've ran my m1 carbines against the black guns........Of course we still shoot a lot of wild bunch and are having a large time with it also. As far as worry about changing rules for different types of matches I don't think that's really an issue unless it's how you earn your moneyI mean we are all doing this for fun and entertainment aren't we? Dusty Boddams
  7. RR, my gosh what a blast from the past! good to hear from you,are you still cowboy shoot'n? i was away for a number of years and then frenchy told me about wild bunch so i'm back............dusty

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