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  1. Always remember you can take a cheap mag and jam a high dollar pistol. you can take cheap pistol and run high dollar mags goes a long way for reliability. Buy Tripp mags! Just a few dollars more and last so far forever..........
  2. Wow! Angus . Just wow! Once upon a time winners could win something nice and meaningful and not be ridiculed. In SASS! Im reminded of that old saying” son you would gripe if you was hung with a new rope”
  3. It would be the top of the heap then
  4. Actually he said Top clean shooter. That sounds like the fastest shooter that shoots a clean match. Could be 3rd or 30.
  5. I knew Shady Brady had been around since I joined in 1991 but in Texas it didn’t resonate. I assumed it was a hat worn by folks in the personal entertainment business. Maybe purple zoot style with a long feather. boy, was I wrong!
  6. Redleg, do you shoot any w.b. Or BAMM? Our monthly  Wild Bunch match is in Bowie , Tx  3 rd weekend. Dusty Boddams


    1. Redleg Reilly, SASS #46372

      Redleg Reilly, SASS #46372

      Thanks, Dusty but I don't shoot that stuff.  Still having too much fun shooting cowboy.

    2. Dusty Boddems

      Dusty Boddems

      Very good! Just thought I would check since y’all are so close. 

    3. Redleg Reilly, SASS #46372
  7. Sounds like a great idea to call it Pike. Should be fun for folks shooting it and it exposes more shooters to 1911’s. This version should not be called wild bunch because obviously it is not. It is however cowboy with a 1911 and that’s a good thing to run with a cowboy match. A real honest to gosh wild bunch match is by design a lot different. Don’t think so? Tell you what travel to the Texas Doughboys Wild Bunch Action shooting club and see the difference. We will pay you back 100% match fee plus another 50.00 cash if you can honestly say it’s the same as a cowboy match.
  8. What about the surplus Russian 1895 Winchester’s 34.95!
  9. LEP, dark blue? If so it probably needs more air in the tiresthat or the chrome muffler bearing needs tweeking
  10. I've actually taken a primed case put it in a vice used a pair of pliers to hold a round nose bullet and beat the bullet with a hammer and it did Not go off. I've done it several times same result. Try it for yourself. Also thousands of rounds over many years out of my 66 and 73's but I say this if your not comfortable with it then don't do it. Dusty Boddams
  11. Really no reason to get velocity obsessed. 1200 -1300 fps out of that rifle will drop anything in the great state of Texas! I reduce my 44 mag. To that and have had really great luck but then again last few years I've been killing deer and hogs with my 45acp 1911 and they appear to be just as dead. Happy hunting! Dusty Boddams
  12. W3G! WTG didn't look right when I wrote it! On thinking about it I bet I know some folks who could be game........ I will keep you posted. Dusty
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