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  1. Cool deal ! I see it’s on Monday. Traffic would be a killer for me. What time do y’all start? How long do your competitions last? BAMM after the WB match?
  2. Howdy all, looking at this plate rack that resets itself by shooting it. I like the idea of it but wanted to hear from someone that has had an opportunity to shoot it. It’s made by AR500.com ...........anyone have one or used one? Dusty Boddams
  3. Would 50.00 buy the tooled python holster?
  4. I’ve got a couple of these and a few 10 round mags. Neat old rifle. I experimented a little without success and went on to other projects. I think it might be time to return to this one. Thank you for your help. Dusty
  5. LV, I know I’ve asked you before but please tell me again about your 351. Are you using lead? Did you have to modify the inertia bar to make it run? Will it run on less than a full house load?
  6. JJ, yes sir I run gas check on all my surplus rifle. Quality cast has the .310 ready to go hitek coated and gas check. They also make an 8mm in 323 and .325 and a .313 and a 6.5 Swede bullet all hitek coated with gas check ready to go for BAMM and GAMM . Good bullets with fast service and a heck of a good guy to boot.
  7. N.N. Absolutely ar500 and no issues. Even with lead bullets ar500 is mandatory inside 100 yards with the Garand load.
  8. To function the Garand I use imr 4895 35.8 grains with a 170 gc hitek bullet from quality cast bullets in Roswell,NM. GAMM is not an official side match but sure seem to be a lot of places interested in it. On a note about primers.....they make a specific primer that can be purchased for reloading the Garand but another trick is to seat slightly below flush or do both. GAMM is a hoot! Enjoy! Dusty B.
  9. I remember when I got my sass badge,I was so proud of it! The next match I went to I had it penned on and Griff saw it. Never will forget he said to me” MY GOD DUSTY THERES GONNA BE 2000 PEOPLE IN SASS BEFORE LONG!” I guess the point is we are all new at sometime .......well, except Griff
  10. Actually if you want to hear something that will knock your socks off.... Griff and Griff’s girl was who brought sass to the great state of Texas in I think 1990 or 91 ! The first sass affiliate club was started by them along with 3 or 4 others and that’s how Lonestar frontier shooting club started. Dusty Boddams
  11. Oklahoma City used big blocks of concrete
  12. Quality-cast out of Roswell New Mexico makes great bullets for the BAMM rifles and 45acp. They also have 38 etc. very well made accurate and absolutely zero leading. Bayou bullets is also great bullets with great service.
  13. LEP, dark blue? If so it probably needs more air in the tiresthat or the chrome muffler bearing needs tweeking
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