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  1. Howdy all, western 3 gun ,is it still shot or has it road into history? Inquiring minds want know. Dusty
  2. For those that are interested Michael Banes shooting gallery this Wednesday 2-10-21 will have the Evil Roy interview and coverage of the sass Texas State Wild Bunch Championship that was held at Gunrunners in Bowie ,Tx. It was a 3 day match and featured many great side matches along with 12 main stages. ER thinks this might be one of the best shows to date! Make plans to watch and please take time to post this on Facebook pages etc. to help get the word out. Dusty Boddams
  3. 45 acp works perfect but the reason it doesn’t “rattle” around in the chamber is because the barrel is set back and cut for the 45acp round because it headspaces on the mouth instead of the rim.
  4. Call Norm on his cell phone. He will make them for you if not in stock.
  5. Dug up gun museum in Cody. About 1300 dug up relics . Won’t take long to go thru it but just pretty dang neat. Budget at least most or all of a day or part of another for buffalo bill. Yes it’s that big and that good.
  6. I bet they have tracking agents and special radio markers in those primers also. I bet you have to wear a special aluminum hat to be fully protected...........
  7. We use CAS also. It’s free! It works well! Dusty Boddams
  8. LEP, dark blue? If so it probably needs more air in the tiresthat or the chrome muffler bearing needs tweeking
  9. I've actually taken a primed case put it in a vice used a pair of pliers to hold a round nose bullet and beat the bullet with a hammer and it did Not go off. I've done it several times same result. Try it for yourself. Also thousands of rounds over many years out of my 66 and 73's but I say this if your not comfortable with it then don't do it. Dusty Boddams
  10. Really no reason to get velocity obsessed. 1200 -1300 fps out of that rifle will drop anything in the great state of Texas! I reduce my 44 mag. To that and have had really great luck but then again last few years I've been killing deer and hogs with my 45acp 1911 and they appear to be just as dead. Happy hunting! Dusty Boddams
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