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  1. Oklahoma City used big blocks of concrete
  2. Quality-cast out of Roswell New Mexico makes great bullets for the BAMM rifles and 45acp. They also have 38 etc. very well made accurate and absolutely zero leading. Bayou bullets is also great bullets with great service.
  3. Not true. You are buying a chance to win a desirable name and number,giving the money to the scholarship fund and writing off as a charitable contribution. Everyone wins but Griff and James who are kind enough to donate the 4 aces moniker.
  4. Hey just saw this. A great cause and 100% legitimate. All proceeds going to sass scholarship fund. That is a real number and alias that has the rare blessings of the wild bunch to be transferred. Could this possibly be the coolest number and alias combination in existence? I think so! Dusty B.
  5. Good job! Enjoyable and gave good information, well done. Dusty B
  6. I did forget to mention that our combat match features shooter movement. 15 round match might be from 3 different locations any shooting position. We sometimes even have a split shot sequence say 2 shots move shoot 3 more times etc. movement is safe with bolt open or closed on a spent round . Talk about fun and interesting! Dusty
  7. WS, sounds like a heck of a fun match! Congratulations on shooting a BAMM , we shoot these every month and they are much anticipated and well attended. Dusty B.
  8. LEP, dark blue? If so it probably needs more air in the tiresthat or the chrome muffler bearing needs tweeking
  9. I've actually taken a primed case put it in a vice used a pair of pliers to hold a round nose bullet and beat the bullet with a hammer and it did Not go off. I've done it several times same result. Try it for yourself. Also thousands of rounds over many years out of my 66 and 73's but I say this if your not comfortable with it then don't do it. Dusty Boddams
  10. Really no reason to get velocity obsessed. 1200 -1300 fps out of that rifle will drop anything in the great state of Texas! I reduce my 44 mag. To that and have had really great luck but then again last few years I've been killing deer and hogs with my 45acp 1911 and they appear to be just as dead. Happy hunting! Dusty Boddams
  11. W3G! WTG didn't look right when I wrote it! On thinking about it I bet I know some folks who could be game........ I will keep you posted. Dusty
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