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On 6/10/2021 at 6:14 PM, Subdeacon Joe said:

Some of my Dad's people came over the 2nd or 3rd boat after the Mayflower.  Some in the early 1720s. 

My wife's ancestors came over on the boat right after the Mayflower. Ended up in Connecticut and ended up being the first American spy. Also responsible for some stuff that is now in history books as well but for far more nefarious reasons. 

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The Burt family is chock full of closets with skeletons in them.  Go back just two generations and you find my grandfather, Harold 'Cooney' Burt. 


Cooney started out at 18 as a bouncer in a 'nightclub' on the backside of Biloxi Mississippi.  After a quick couple of years with the 3rd Army in WWII he returned home and formed one of the most lucrative moonshine operations in the state.  When they put him out of business by making it legal, he moved to racing cars with all the moonshine running vehicles he had. 


When he got tired of that he formed Burt Amusement Company, ostensibly a company that rented out jukeboxes and pinball machines, but in reality it was a cover for slots, poker, and numbers.  At one point most of the LE community on the MS gulf coast was on his payroll.  I didn't find out until I was an adult that my best friend's father worked for my grandfather running numbers.  I did sometimes wander why both of them ended up bringing home big presents at the same time. 


He spent most of his money on whiskey and women, the rest he wasted.  He died at 85, destitute.

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