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  1. I never smoked but I came across a Zippo lighter I just had to have. It is a Cleveland Indians model with Chief Wahoo in full color. The seal is unbroken, the price sticker is still on it, the lighter with its paperwork lies in the tray, the tray sits in the tin box, and the tin box is in the sleeve. It will stay in my dresser drawer until my estate sale.
  2. Not too long along I looked at something I had handprinted and the 1 and the 7 looked too similar to me. So I just started using the German 7, which is my association for the 7 with the slash in it. End of confusion. Back in a former job, before extensive word processing, I had to create what amounted to a flow chart that showed the ownership history of a parcel of land. The idea was to if possible put the 60 year ownership history on a single sheet of legal paper. I could put 3 levels of block characters by hand in a single space on a sheet of legal paper, and they were perfectly legible. I left that job in 2002, and the firm still refers to my old work. I learned cursive writing back in 4th grade or so, but I also learned how to print almost as fast as I could write cursive. The extra time spent in printing more than made up for the time spent answering questions about what I wrote in cursive.
  3. Gunsmoke was a tradition in our family. I can remember being at my grandparents' house and my granddad, dad, his brothers and I all watching Gunsmoke together.
  4. And remember that he was using a 7 1/2 inch barreled gun, not a 4 5/8 inch one.
  5. My aunt and uncle who live in the same town as I do celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on January 30, 2020. Before the lockdown started their kids organized a nice party for them at a wonderful restaurant down in Maryland. I was their chauffer for the night and I am glad I got to attend because I am one of 4 guests at their wedding who is still alive.
  6. The rocket you're hearing is my blood sugar skyrocketing.
  7. What baby boom? We're all supposed to stay 6 feet apart.
  8. Six Days on the Road - Dave Dudley, later covered by Sawyer Brown and the Flying Burrito Brothers I got to perform this myself at a talent show at the Apollo Civic Theatre in Martinsburg, WV. I won the "Light Up the State" Award for the act that got the most audience reaction.
  9. It will just about pay off the new Batmobile.
  10. There will be a whole lot more body contact when the EMS people pick me off the ground if I tried what the lady is doing!
  11. Do you really think those who would restrict us to 3 guns would really let us keep 3 guns?
  12. I remember him from when the Tigers were playing the Indians back in my misspent youth.
  13. In PA, beer and wine sales recently became allowed at groceries stores. Liquor is still only sold in liquor stores owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And our Governor waved his magic wand and closed all the liquor stores!
  14. I have a Series 70 Government Model in 9mm that I bought back in the 90s. It was kind of spotlighted on a table at the Monroeville, PA gun show, and you might say it just reached up and asked me to take it home. It was customized by a Pittsburgh area gunsmith and it is an amazing piece of work. It locks up like a bank vault and really shoots. I bought it with shooting IPSC in mind. One day I got to run an IPSC type match at my club. One target had an A zone about the size of a pop can. I put a double tap into the A zone and I was just amazed. And the great thing was that the price of the gun was less than what the work would probably cost. I'm keeping it forever.
  15. I can give somewhat of a real life example where I turned down an audition in a community theater production for a show which shall remain nameless, realizing that this is not a situation where trying to make a living was involved. When I went for the audition, the information sheet stated that the show would have a lot of cussing in the dialog. I thought about it and decided while I don't tell other people how to behave, I don't have to partake in the behavior. I figured that if they had to put a warming in the audition information sheet about the language it was going to be bad. As a result, I declined to audition for the show.
  16. Lorain County and Lake County. I've gone back to Elyria and found our old house and my old elementary school which has since been torn down.
  17. If you ever get the chance go to the Jimmy Stewart Museum in Indiana, PA, his home town, between Pittsburgh and Punxsutawney. In the military he was the real deal flying bombing missions over Europe. He said that he was prouder of his military career than he was of being an actor.
  18. GO TRIBE! I grew up in northern Ohio when Rocky Colavito , Jimmy Piersall and TIto Francona (Terry's father) played for the Indians.
  19. SASS Alias: Punxsutawney Pete SASS #: 1286 Life Where are you from: Near Gettysburg, PA How long have you been Cowboy Action Shooting: 28 years SASS Member since 1990
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