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  1. Go back and get it quick before someone else adopts it.
  2. You got me too. I didn't know the Pilgrims had corned beef and sauerkraut.
  3. I have a Smith & Wesson Model 624 in .44 Special that I bought back in the '80s when they first came out. I was out over the weekend and when I went into a big box sporting good store the only handgun ammunition on the shelf was a stack of cowboy load .44 Specials., so I bought 2 boxes. I'm going to go back and see how much of the stack is left.
  4. There is only one fruit cake in North America. It has been continuously re-gifted for 400 years.
  5. Back in 1995, the Cleveland Indians won the Central Division title in the American League, and it was their first appearance in post season play since 1954. The fans were going crazy at the prospect of the Indians being in the World Series. So during the playoffs, during one of the games at the Indians' stadium, one of the radio announcers noticed that although the game was supposed to be a sellout, he saw an empty seat in the stands. Figuring that there was a story there, the announcer made his way down to the empty seat and noticed a lady sitting in the next seat. The announcer asked, "Excuse me, ma'am. Do you know who bought the ticket for that empty seat next to you?" The lady replied, "Oh, yes. That seat belongs to my late husband, Frank. He was an Indians fan ever since he was a little boy. He had season tickets going back to 1960." The announcer was truly impressed to hear about such a devoted Cleveland Indians fan. He said to the lady, "I'm truly sorry to hear about your husband's passing. But it seems such a shame that nobody is using the ticket now that the Indians are in the playoffs. Couldn't someone else in your husband's family use the ticket?" The lady replied, "They couldn't make it. They're at the funeral."
  6. This happened to me back in the 1990s: I was vacationing up in northern Michigan at an area near where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan come together. There were a lot of gulls flying overhead where I was. A young boy was nearby with his mother, and all of a sudden the boy pointed up and said, "Look Mommy. Dumpster chickens." I laughed for 15 minutes.
  7. Just another note about my as-issued Webley Mark VI .455. The club I belong to in Frederick, MD has twice a year what it calls the "Great Wars" match. The permitted arms are military handguns used by any armed force from World War I through the end of World War II, or their replicas and clones. I was at the club practicing for the match with the Webley and another fellow was also shooting there. He was rather interested in the Webley so I handed him the Webley and 5 shells so he could try it out. I'm not the world's best pistol shot so I'm always interested in how someone else shoots my guns. Shooting one-handed offhand, the other fellow put 5 shots into a group that went around 2 1/2 to 3 inches. That was impressive for a 102 year old gun.
  8. I recently discovered the Freedom Fuel and I'm going to get some more.
  9. After years of searching, I found an unaltered Mark VI .455 Webley. On the back of the cylinder it has a crown and an arrowhead or triangle as proof/acceptance marks. On the side of the cylinder it has numbers that match the serial number on my gun. Shaving the cylinder takes off the bottom of these numbers and eliminates the proof marks. Hope this helps.
  10. I'd like to get some but they would probably put my blood sugar through the roof!
  11. You and Alpo have described what the Golden Dollars are. I'm the guy Alpo was talking about. The Presidential Dollars and Sacawajea Dollars are made of an alloy akin to brass that has a golden color. Alpo is right in that producing 30, 000 dollar coins would be a major pain for a merchant.
  12. Hardpan, I got mine at about the same time. Mine shoots great with 172 grain FMJ handloads. They sure were a bargain back then.
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