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  1. I think the phone companies recycle phone numbers. When I moved here 15+ years ago and was working during the day I used to get a lot of messages left asking for "Clarrence ___________." That's not my name and I don't know anybody by that name. I figured it was just an old recycled phone number they had for this guy. From the tone of the call I figured he must have owed the caller money so I never returned the calls. They called repeatedly for awhile, quit for awhile, then started back up, and finally quit for what seems like for good. On both my cell phone and land line if
  2. It sure does. I happened to me twice. I've been talking to myself for years and didn't need a telephone to do it.
  3. A State Trooper in PA pulled over a elderly lady just past the junction of I-78 and I-81. The State Trooper asked, "Madam, I just clocked you doing 81 miles per hour. What were you thinking?" The lady replied, "Well Officer, the last road I was on had a sign that said 78, so I set the cruise control to 78. Then I came to this road and saw a sign that said 81, so I set the cruise control up to 81." With that the State Trooper busts a gut laughing. The lady asked, "What's so funny, Officer?" The State Trooper replied, "Madam, I'm just glad I stopped you be
  4. Around here we have the Gettysburg Air Force., black vultures that can create big flocks gathering around road kill.
  5. All of this is absolutely true. I want to extend the benefit of my experience in the foreclosure practice. Imagine this scenario. You have a house with a very small or paid off mortgage. It's your major asset. You hope to able to leave the house to your children or grandchildren. You take out a reverse mortgage, which by the nature of the beast has a low Loan to Value (LTV) ratio. As no payments are made on the loan, the equity gets converted to debt each year by the accumulated interest. And of course, you start spending the loan proceeds for one thing or another.
  6. I remember when I was counting down to retirement. It was tough keeping quiet after I got approved for Social Security until the day (12/1/2015) that I walked into the senior partner's office (in a gentlemanly manner, I liked him) and told him I was retiring at the end of the month. He was surprised, but accepting. He did say if I changed my mind to come see him and we'd talk, but I had my mind already made up. And so on December 31, 2015 at 3:30 PM (but who's counting) I officially retired and never looked back. Best move I ever made.
  7. This is true, but while I was working I helped in the foreclosure of a bunch of reverse mortgages for failure to pay the property taxes and/or insurance, and/or where the owner had to move out to go to a nursing home. Failure to abide by the requirements to occupy the home, pay the property taxes and maintain the homeowner's insurance will trigger a default that can lead to foreclosure.
  8. I have a 22K whole house Generac generator. Sitting next to my porch, it runs quieter than the leat blower across and down the street.
  9. No, you're not. I grew up in the county north of Geauga County, Ohio, and as a child would go to their maple festival. I'm mildly diabetic so I don't indulge in the candy very much anymore but there is a gallon jug of maple syrup from Chardon, Ohio in my refrigerator.
  10. I used to lecture to high school students at a Civics and Law Academy put on by the local bar association. I also enjoyed telling them how the Founding Fathers, men of substance and education, in signing the Declaration of Independence, they pledged to each other "our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor." If the Revolutionary War was lost, they stood to lose everything, including their lives. But they willingly risked it all to create our country.
  11. I started shaving around 1969. Like my dad, I was using a Gillete safety razor with the old Gillete Blue Blades. I remember what a big deal it was when stainless steel razor blades came out. I grew the moustache you see on my avatar back in 1975. Working in an office the moustache was probably all I could get away with. Having the moustache definitely helps with my SASS and chili cooking persona, so I have no plans to ever shave it off. Now that I'm retired I shave 2 days a week tops.
  12. Red Skelton - His old shows are now on RFD TV. Jeff Foxworthy Phyllis Diller And Honorable Mention goes to [drum roll please] President Ronald Reagen. I have a VHS tape called "Stand Up Reagen", and he could probably hold his own on Improv night. The best joke I heard him tell was during a debate with Vice President Walter Mondale, and President Reagen said something like, "I will not made age an issue in this campaign and hold my opponent's youth and inexperience against him." The whole place just broke up and even Mondale appeared to be laughing.
  13. I used to be on the competitive chili cooking circuit. I had a pretty standard recipe I developed, but that was the starting point. I was looking for a particular combination of heat and flavor, and I would make adjustments to the spices if they weren't as potent as in the past. Probably the most significant single change I ever made was with my stuffed mushrooms. I found the original recipe in an ethnic cookbook my stepmother had. I made a batch per the recipe and it turned out OK. One of my favorite spices is Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning. On a whim, I substit
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