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  1. My mom taught me how to cook and do laundry. My dad taught me how to shoot, reload and change the oil and oil filter in the cars.
  2. My late uncle had a pedigreed female beagle. An absolute sweet dog around my little cousins and a fantastic rabbit dog. Part of my remembraces of my uncle are of hunting with him behind his beagle.
  3. I've been going to gun shows since I was a little boy. I'm disappointed that you had such an unpleasant experience with the show you attended, but these times are an aberration and certainly not an example of the overwhelming majority of gun shows I have attended over the last 60 years. I had the good fortune to be raised reading the American Rifleman, Gun Digest and Shooter's Bible literally from the time I learned to read. Being at the beginning of the learning curve combined with the crowd was probably pretty overwhelming. To help prepare for your next gun show, join the N
  4. I'm old enough to remember how primers disappeared all of a sudden back 35 years ago or so. I leamed my lesson back then.
  5. I remember it too. Back in my misspent youth I was an oldies disk jockey.
  6. Back in the late 70s or early 80s, I had a chance to buy a Model 1922 Springfield .22 target rifle. Happily I didn't turn the chance down. Now that I'm retired I need to get it out and take it to the range and see what we're capable of doing.
  7. We had serious lockdowns in PA thanks to our governor. I live in a small town and all of our non-religeous gathering places were closed down. Luckily in this area four states come together and I live 3 miles above the state line. On my last birthday I had to drive two states away in order to have a drink for my birthday but I decided I was worth it and I did it. It may seem like a pain in the neck right now, but if you have a place where you used to see people you know, please put on your coat and head out the door to be among them. They will be as glad to see you as you will
  8. I have a piece of railroad rail. Under some of these proposals that would be considered a firearm.
  9. What do you mean "revival?" I've been using them for the last 40+ years!
  10. You lost me at MMCS. I was never in the service.
  11. Marshal Mo Hare is essentially correct. Trust me on this one.
  12. Yes, it does, and I saw someone asking the same price for a brick of primers at the York, PA gun show last weekend.
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