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  1. One poster said to use charcoal filters. Can you imagine what that would do to the weight of an air liner with charcoal in every seat? The fuel surcharge would be astronomical.
  2. Mayfield Road (US 322) goes right through Mayfield Heights, Ohio and right past one of my favorite gun shops, Mayfield Guns.
  3. It happens in Hanover, PA. PA Route 94 goes into the town square. From the town square go south and it's Baltimore Street, and go north it's Carlisle Street. That's the names for boroughs or cities that the road goes to.
  4. If it's a Colt rifle I would recommend getting one marked HBAR. I don't know about other states, but Maryland has a specific exception for certain HBAR AR-15 rifles from its ban on semi-auto firearms. Check in your state statutes to see if there is a similar exception.
  5. Because of my admiration of the Finns in standing up to the Soviets in the 1939-40 Winter War, my most fun rifle is a Suomi Model 31 semi-auto carbine in 9mm Luger. With a stick magazine it holds 36 rounds and it can make a lot of lead go down range fast but accurately.
  6. For center fire handguns I started out with single action revolvers because that was all I had. I eventually acquired a pre-Series 70 Government Model .45 that had been customized by John Giles, an old time pistolsmith. At my club's awards dinner I received a plaque that said "Welcome to the XX Century."
  7. I lived in Painesville, which is in the same county as Willoughby.
  8. My family is from PA too. Try pronouncing my alias, or better yet, try spelling it without looking at my post.
  9. I never heard my mother or father utter a cuss word. Pop did have some zingers, usually with a message attached. When I thought he was giving me unnecessary advice when I was growing up, he said, "If the older generation didn't pass along its knowledge, we'd still be living in caves." Even though we had pretty good life spans in his family, he worried about whether I was taking care of myself since I lived alone. Pop said, "You've got good genes, don't blow it." His true classic was, "Remember, when Elvis Presley was your age, he was dead."
  10. Don't you mean a SnowFlake was saved from making a puddle on the floor?
  11. Could anybody explain to me what problem will be solved by Walmart refusing to sell me a box of .38 Special wadcutter target loads?
  12. And the fact that the prior will was in the custody of the Register of Wills is irrelevant as a will is not effective until the death of the testator. Whether the new will is valid and overturns the old will is a matter of each state's laws.
  13. Yeah, why give up the element of surprise.
  14. I'm quite well known in a number of American Legion and VFW lounges as the guy with the gold dollars in the Crown Royal bag. Some of the serving people tell me that they save them for their children or grandchildren. I was in church one day and I had a bunch of very shiny golden dollars in my hand to put in the collection plate. The ceiling lights were gleaming off the coins and a gentleman from the next section of seats, during the offering, came over to me and ask if he could buy some from me. I told him, "Sure, I have some more ." I put the coins in my hand in the collection plate and traded him paper money for some of the other golden dollars I had in my Crown Royal bag. Coins are works of art to me. The story is in my mother's family that back in the 1830's when they moved from above Reading, PA out to western PA they bought their new farms with silver money in bushel baskets. Supposedly they hid the money under the vegetables. I guess it's in the DNA now.
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