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  1. This will blow your socks off! Put it on full screen for the best effect.
  2. I'll wear my Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn jersey. I was an extra in "Major League II" and I always wanted a jersey like the ones in the movie. A home jersey and road jersey for Ricky Vaughn turned up on Ebay and I got them.
  3. I read comics books all the time as a kid. When you have 2 big, black touring cars, what other choice of license plates do you have? BATMBL1 and BATMBL2 (Batmobile 1 and Batmobile 2) They are probably the best known cars in town.
  4. Maybe you could get plates that say 10CHANZ since in land surveying 40 rods would equal 10 chains.
  5. I had a severe case of sleep apnea and am mildly diabetic.. In 2018 I received my CPAP machine and used it faithfully. I discovered that my blood sugar numbers went down about 20 points across the board. Sleeping better must be helping me burn blood sugar better.
  6. Try Goodwill stores and consignment shops.
  7. I have been practicing handgun shooting right-handed while sighting with my left eye because of a hemorrhage I suffered in my right eye around the first of the year. I'm happy to report that this looks like it will be a successful process and that my right eye has been clearing up.. Now I have to figure out how to deal with the long guns I want to shoot. While my right eye has improved substantially, it still is not feasible to sight with my right eye. Therefore I am asking the group about any experience they might have regarding a right-handed person shooting a long gun from the left shoulder so that the left eye does the sighting but the trigger is still under the control of the dominant right hand. I have a nice collection of long guns, some that I bought and some that I inherited from my dad, and I want to take them out and enjoy them.
  8. I still have my fish cooker that I used in the chili cookoffs. Before I got my generator I figured my fish cooker and 20# propane bottle would be my emergency stove.
  9. I retired on December 31, 2015 at 3:30 PM. The watch I was wearing became my retirement watch because I was looking at it to savor the moment I turned the car's ignition key to leave the office for the last time.
  10. I don't think courtesy and consideration is totally lost. I'm now at the age where I'm receiving the consideration that I used to give to people of my present age. Sometimes I have a hard time realizing I'm as old as I am now, but my bum knee and cane eventually remind me.
  11. Right now for practice I'm shooting CCI Mini-Mags that I bought at KMart for $3.84 for a box of 100. It's probably 35 years old if it's a day, but it goes bang just about every time. I figured I must as well shoot the old stuff first until things settle down. I remember how primers disappeared during the Clinton administration so anytime I could find a decent deal I kept buying ammo and components.
  12. My town is so small we have to take turns being the village idiot.
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