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  1. That's a beautiful looking gun. I have one in nickel finish that I picked up years ago when a gun shop in northeast Baltimore was closing up. I managed to hold on to it when I lost my job back in 2009 and I'm sure glad that I did.
  2. Kosher turkey with lots of stuffing. Our late father pronounced it the best turkey he ever had. In his honor we've been getting a kosher turkey for Thanksgiving ever since..
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Don't eat TOO much turkey! Punxsutawney Pete
  4. For the 5th year in a row, we are having a kosher turkey in honor of our dad. It was Thanksgiving of 2014, and we decided to try a kosher turkey for the first time. Pop proclaimed it the best turkey he ever had. It turned out that was Pop's last Thanksgiving. We've maintained the tradition of having Thanksgiving at Pop's house for friends of the family and local cousins, and in honor of Pop we've had a kosher turkey ever since.
  5. Earlier this year I picked up an old British Enfield revolver in 38 S&W. It's the "Tanker" model that has the bobbed hammer and fires double action only. Somebody chromed it so the collector value is gone but I can shoot it in the Great Wars Match my one club has for old military handguns.
  6. The NFL is going to have to come down hard on this. We don't need any repeat of this behavior anywhere.
  7. I was surprised to find that some people apparently toss the original box at the gun shop when they buy the gun. One day I was in one of the local gun shops and at the front of the shop was a bin full of factory handgun boxes. I made a deal and bought the bin full of pistol boxes and took them to a gun show where my brother and I had rented a table. I sold a bunch of those boxes. I know one gentleman was very happy to get a box for the Star pistol he had.
  8. I have a 22KW whole house Generac generator powered by natural gas. If the power goes off it kicks in after 13 seconds. It cost me just under $16K installed. Generac has designated installers, and using a designated installer may be a condition for maintaining the warranty. When it runs it is quieter than the leaf blower a neighbor was using across the street. Down around Baltimore, which isn't that far away from Gettysburg, PA, it was after either an ice storm or Hurricane Sandy that people lost power for up to a week. For a number of reasons I decided that would be too long and I spent the money for the generator and I'm glad I did it.
  9. I used to work in downtown Baltimore and took the Metro train from the suburbs to downtown. At the station they did have machines that would take dollar coins for ticket purchases. And it was really fun to put a $20 bill in the ticket machine and get a shower of $1 coins as change. I am well known in VFWs and American Legions as the guy who spends the Golden Dollar coins.
  10. The Sacawagea and Presidential Dollar coins have probably skewed this figure a bit.
  11. Dave Dudley, Faron Young, Leroy Van Dyke, Patsy Cline, Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen.
  12. About 40 years ago I was working at a chemical plant operating the drum filler. When a batch of chemicals came to an end, we would put a rubber ball in the pipe and force air pressure behind it to clear the pipe and put the last of the batch in the drums. One day we were clearing the pipes and I opened up the valve too far and I got a faceful of the chemical we were filling the drum with. Luckily, the company issued full-face shields and I had mine down, otherwise I would have gotten a high pressure blast of the chemical into my eyes.
  13. Back in my misspent youth I was an oldies disk jockey, and when I play the jukebox at the VFW I'm usually singing right along. I've also been a karaoke singer and try to avoid using the screen when I'm performing. To me the lyrics and music are so intertwined that I can't just recite the lyrics without connecting them up with the underlying music.
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