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  1. I used to hunt with a flintlock rifle in PA. One thing to watch for is keeping the touchhole from the pan to the barrel clear. I think there are touchhole picks for doing that. One time as an experiment I dumped the pan and pulled the trigger. With only the possibility of powder dust in the pan, the rifle went off no problem.
  2. Believe me, they can make up any kind of excuse to deny you a firearm. Do you have a lever action 45-70 Marlin? They'll say, "Why should you need a gun that could kill a buffalo?" Do you have a nice 30-06 Remington 700 with a nice variable Bushnell scope? They'll say, "Why do you need a sniper rifle?" Any excuse.
  3. It's really the Metallic Years, because you get silver in your hair, gold in your teeth and lead in your pants.
  4. Sounds like my kind of guy. I'm known as the guy who spends Golden Dollar coins around town. After I moved to my present town, I started a practice of having supper on Friday night at the local VFW. I would pay for my beers and supper with the Golden Dollars coins. One day the former manager of the VFW lounge told me he was making a bank deposit that had a number of the Golden Dollars in it and teller asked him, "Did you know there's a dark -haired guy with a moustache who buys these coins?" Take a look at my avatar.
  5. I would like a bank bag full of Golden Dollars and a Crown Royal bag with my walking around stash of Golden Dollars.
  6. I own an unmodified British Webley Mark VI revolver in the original .455 caliber. One of the members of my one club, a local judge, always asks me if I'm going to sell it. I tell him, "Yeah, you can bid on it at my estate sale."
  7. I've seen that happen with my High Standards.
  8. I am finding when I check in at motels now the desk clerk does not even speak my room number, just writes it on the envelope for the key card.
  9. What about the Gatling Gun? The multi-barrel, rotary aircraft cannons operate on the same principle, with the hand crank replaced by an electric motor.
  10. My dad had a great response when I complained about getting what I thought was unsolicited advice: "If the older generation didn't pass along its knowledge to the younger generation, we'd still be living in caves." Now I find myself saying it.
  11. What Alpo, Cholla and Henry T. Harrison said.
  12. Definitely a cool picture. I'll have to see if I can do the same thing with my Webley.
  13. Maybe they need to install mirrors above the urinals.
  14. I was expecting to hear the Ventures!
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