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  1. I think Mattel sold a variation of it.
  2. I've been watching it. A good friend of mine became a Marine JAG officer after he got out of law school, so I kind of have a connection. So far it's been a pretty good and fast moving show.
  3. This is like something I did one time. My supervisor had just completed a big project with bricks at his house. I had just torn down a rotted side porch on my house and my cousin-in-law is a bricklayer. My supervisor had a lot of bricks left over and told me I could have them as long as I could carry them away. So crazy me, I loaded my Mercury Grand Marquis with probably 1000 pounds of bricks. The fun part was layering the load in the passenger compartment so the back end of the car wouldn't drag. I made that run from his house to my house twice and I was sweating bullets all the way. I figured if I hit anything with a big car carrying an extra 1000 pounds of bricks anything the car hit would be destroyed.
  4. I admit to being electronically challenged, but it seems to me that it would be a relatively simple procedure to have a computer program in which the expiration date of every chipped credit card issued by a bank would be entered, and the program would continually scan all of the expiration dates, and if a card came to within 90 days of expiration without being activated, a text message, email and/or computer generated letter would go to the owner of the account stating that the credit card would be cancelled after 90 days if it was not activated, and if the owner was having a problem trying to activate the chipped card, the owner should call a certain phone number. With all the computer whiz-bang kids around, how hard could that be?
  5. That's the problem. You're assuming too much.
  6. I got the ultimate scammer call the other day. The scammers are trying to make it look like they are calling from here in town, so they called me trying to make it look like the call was coming from my own phone. And the dummies tried to call 6 times. Anybody who ever worked with me knows I don't need a telephone to talk to myself.
  7. I saw her on The Code last night. Still looks pretty good in an evening dress.
  8. I wouldn't sneeze at birdshot for a defense load. I watched my dad set up a square of plywood, step back 7 steps and fired a trap load at the plywood. The hole made in that piece of plywood was pretty impressive.
  9. I'll bet that schmuck will be the laughing stock of the jail!
  10. And Desperate Housewives! I may be old but I ain't dead!
  11. Potter County, PA has carry permits issued to 35% of the eligible population, but that gets diluted by Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
  12. 1. Never bought a high school or college ring. 2. Never got married, so I never had a reason to wear a wedding ring. However, now that I've retired, I routinely wear 5 rings at a time. The only reason I don't wear 6 rings is that wearing a ring on my right little finger makes it tough to write. As an added bonus, I've discovered since I starting wearing 5 rings simultaneously I've been getting more attention from ladies than I have for years.
  13. In central PA with the 717 area code we just went to 10 digit dialing for local calls.
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