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  1. I'd like to get some but they would probably put my blood sugar through the roof!
  2. You and Alpo have described what the Golden Dollars are. I'm the guy Alpo was talking about. The Presidential Dollars and Sacawajea Dollars are made of an alloy akin to brass that has a golden color. Alpo is right in that producing 30, 000 dollar coins would be a major pain for a merchant.
  3. Hardpan, I got mine at about the same time. Mine shoots great with 172 grain FMJ handloads. They sure were a bargain back then.
  4. That's why I've been stocking up on 7.62 Nagant and .455 Webley.
  5. I thought you were talkin about the rolls of Golden Dollars I get from the bank. I took a bunch of rolls of Golden Dollars to buy one of my cars. The cashier about had a cow. Even though the coins were in the bank wrapper, she said she would have to tear the wrappers open and count all the Golden Dollars. So she said to just write a check. I still ended up paying 80 Golden Dollars as part of the purchase price for the car. But that's OK, I always like to have a few Golden Dollars in the purchase price for cars and guns.
  6. Father Ryan and Rabbi Goldfarb had been friends for 30 years. One day they were attending an ecumenical conference and it was time for lunch. As they were going through the buffet line, Rabbi Goldfarb made himself a pastrami on rye, and Father Ryan made himself a ham and swiss. cheese sandwich. They sat down together and Father Ryan said, "Rabbi Goldfarb, when are you going to try some of this wonderful ham?" Rabbi Goldfarb replied, "At your wedding, Father."
  7. As far as I can tell the storage is OK, it's the retrieval system that seems to have slowed down.
  8. There used to be a bar called Little Canada near Big Run, PA. It was called that because supposedly Big Run was a dry town, and the bar was located outside the borough limits, "just over the border."
  9. There is a Wyoming County in NE Pennsylvania.
  10. As far as I'm concerned the NRA can come and re-incorporate in PA any time they want.
  11. I was born in the same town as JImmy Stewart, Indiana, PA, so I have always felt a connection. If you ever get a chance, stop in the town. In front of the courthouse is a statue of him in his character of Elwood P. Dowd from "Harvey." There is a wonderful Jimmy Stewat Museum in downtown Indiana. I remember seeing an exhibit where it was stated that he was prouder of his military service than he was of his acting career.
  12. When I moved here to where I live now, the local American Legion reactivated the Sons of the American Legion squadron. The post had been closed most of the time, so the Sons stepped up as volunteer bartenders in the canteen. No wages, but the volunteer bartenders got to keep their tips. Working behind the bar gave me a good appreciation for the lives of people who depend on tips for a living. I thought I tipped fairly well, but after working behind the bar myself I definitely upped my game as far as tipping wait staff and service people. Hopefully tipping with my Golden Dollar coins helps everybody remember I gave them a good tip. Here in PA our governor had everything shut down pretty tightly. With the bars, barbershops and service clubs finally reopening, I have been giving extra tips to wait staff and service people to help make up for being out of work for three months. If where you live was under a heavy lockdown, think about tipping a little extra to help out with what the people you normally tip were missing when they were out of work.
  13. When I was working on my last job, I did a lot of foreclosure sales and I would ride with the auctioneer. He would always buy lunch and I would always leave the tip. I just didn't think it was fair to put the whole load on him all the time, because we did a lot of sales. We did that for years. We went all over the state of Maryland doing foreclosure sales, and wait staff got to know me pretty well. I left what I thought were pretty good tips and I tipped with the Golden Dollar coins that I carried.
  14. Congratulations on your retirement. I retired on December 31, 2015 at 3:30 PM (but who's keeping track). It was the best move I ever made. Be sure you have something going on to keep your mind active. I'm the Secretary of the locall planning commission and Vice Commander of our Sons of the American Legion squadron. The borough government appreciates my work and it enables me to give something back to my community. Local governments are always looking for volunteers to serve on various commissions and boards. With your experience I am sure you will be welcomed with open arms.
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