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  1. Stories like these always interest me. Especially about horses, although I've never owned a horse and can count on one hand how many times I've ridden one. Seabiscuit, Secretariat, Hidalgo and so on. All worth looking in to.
  2. I thought someone found a snake in a beer cup haha.
  3. I've got a '73 and have noticed that if you are loading deep seated 38's with light bullets you may run into a problem with the COL not being long enough to prevent a second round from just barely entering the carrier, preventing it from rising. One option would be to load 357 cases but to 38 spec loads, but that's a solution looking for a very very rare problem. Ideally just make sure the COL isn't too short. I think my limit is 1.410 or something around there (=/- a few thou). Side note, I only experienced that problem with a full or nearly full tube. lo
  4. Likewise, I was an aircraft mechanic in the air force working KC-10's. Cool thing to note, I was the flying crew chief on the bird that brought the unit that captured Saddam back to the states. Ask your buddy there what base he flew into on his way home. We flew direct from Germany to George AFB in cali, if you are interested to know.
  5. My wife's ancestors came over on the boat right after the Mayflower. Ended up in Connecticut and ended up being the first American spy. Also responsible for some stuff that is now in history books as well but for far more nefarious reasons.
  6. Oh yeah? I was a Space Marine when we invaded Jupiter back in '02!
  7. Watched the whole bear video because it was hilarious. made it about 16 seconds into the first one haha.
  8. Just to beat this dead horse a bit more, I'm with several others on here that it's 1 of 2 things: The spring or the lug. Check the spring first, since it's easiest to remedy. If there is any slop in that spring with the barrels closed, replace it. I bought my stoeger new and modified the spring a bit, but not so much that it freely moves about. if that spring is good, then the lug needs to be fixed. granted I'm not a gunsmith in any sense of the word so take my advice with a large grain of salt.
  9. Prioritize the huge amount of advice you are going to receive. Concentrate specifically on the safety aspect of the game for now and stuff the rest into the back of your mind for later use. Try to ignore the timer! Even though everyone gets timed, don't worry about how fast you run a stage. Order of concern should be 1. Safety, 2. Accuracy, 3. Safety. Did I say safety? I've only been to a few matches thus far but burning the safety rules and regulations into my head to start has allowed me to become a faster, safer and more efficient shooter. This is the most i
  10. I assume the Dillon .45's have separate seating and crimping dies? New to Dillons so I'm not terribly familiar with their history. If the insides look good I'll take them.
  11. The arguement could be made that FB could in fact replace a full blown website. I hate FB too but all that information could technically be there and able to be updated quicker and easier (probably, I don't know website stuff I'm just a dumb mekanic).
  12. Agree on almost all fronts in this thread. Some websites are in dire need of updating, SASS main included (not as dire as others). I would argue, however, that having a presence on FB is critical for this sport/game (until FB cancels everything related to fun) as there are FAR more people there than are people googling cowboy shooting. With being on FB at least there is a chance that an ad or suggested page pops up for someone unfamiliar with this organization and maybe it piques their interest. Just based solely on the total number of users there getting the word out
  13. All prices minus shipping. 250 Rounds Remington UMC (yellow package) 180gr FMJ - $175 3x 100 rounds Winchester white box 180gr FMJ - $55 per 4x 50 rounds Winchester white box 165gr FMJ - $27.50 per I'll be on occasionally to check, but will honor first "I'll take it" either here or PM. I'm in Port St. Lucie FL, so if you're close we can do face to face. Thanks for looking! JR
  14. Hey all, Got some new leather, holsters, shotgun belt, etc., and the colors bleed onto our clothes. Is there anything that can be done to the leather to eliminate this from happening? JR
  15. You could also pay to go to the viewing center at the cape, don't know what they cost though...
  16. Oh there are tons. Best places would be ocean side from satellite Beach north to cocoa, or in Titusville on US1 which is right next to the river staring straight across to the launch complex that's 5ish miles away. Just look for all the parked cars on the side of the road.
  17. This is why all Vaquero's are so expensive right now haha, Three Foot owns ALL OF THEM
  18. From my place of work it's far enough away that we don't even see the rocket, just the flames. However I could see the shuttle (kind of) just because it was so wide comparatively, plus that giant orange fuel tank. I was outside in Maryland one night having a cigar and noticed the train of satellites going by, I think it was one of the first launches for starlink. Didn't know what the hell it was had to call a buddy of mine that's much more into that stuff than even I am to find out that I was in fact not looking at an alien invasion.
  19. I work 20 miles from the cape and watched this go off earlier today, or yesterday, whichever day it was. Can even hear the rumble about 4 minutes after it goes off.
  20. I have a spare SASS sticker I can slap on it, will that qualify?
  21. Could also possibly try and start a Modern Mounted CAS category Terminator Style!
  22. Putting my sofa Bike up for sale: 2016 HD Ultra Limited 22K miles LED Headlamps and Fog Lights Adjustable Backrest - this is clutch! Passenger aftermarket armrests Integral heated gear connections front and back Integral comms system front and back Cup Holder Cruise Control Heated grips Leather Fairing pouch Peace Officer Paint - Black with Blue pinstripe trim line New rubber up front Screamin' Eagle exhaust Nylon luggage backs for saddlebags and trunk $18,500 NADA and KBB recommended pricing included
  23. I have a motorcycle I am in the process of trying to sell. Being as quite a number of our fellow SASS members ride, I thought the classifieds forum might be a good place to start. After doing a brief search in the classifieds section, I didn't see anything relating to selling of motorcycles. I think I read all the rules related to the selling of items and didn't see anything specifically calling out sale of non-shooting related items, but want to check with those more in the know than I. Would it be ok to post a non-sass, non-shooting related item such as this to the classified for
  24. So I was just looking into this myself. Check this page out, FedEx requirements for all kinds of stuff. HazMat-FXG-shipping-guide.pdf (fedex.com) You need to have a white diamond on the side of the box along with some other requirements. Diamond image is in the PDF and I just made one in MS Paint.
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