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FS: Ruger New Vaquero and CZ Hammered Coach Gun (New guys’ first gun mistakes for sale)

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Well, partners, you’ve all seen the new guys buy the wrong guns. Yep, that’s me

ive got two of them:


Ruger New Vaquero, new in November. Purchased from and tuned by Evil Roy. 

.45 cal, blued, 4-3/8” barrel. Perfect condition with about 800 mouse farts through it. $800 plus shipping


SPF  CZ Hammer Coach gun, fired two rounds for patterning.  12ga, purchased as blemished for $800, will sell for $750 plus shipping. Chambers have been polished and barrel hinge worked in but no other work done on it.  Blems are minor, will send photos.

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He's in western North Carolina, not far from Asheville.



What are you changing to?  Why are these the wrong guns for you?

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Elmer sent these to me, figured I would help a pard out and add them here.







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I live in NC near Hendersonville. 
Fretless, I started out thinking I would shoot classic cowboy, thus the .45 and hammer coach.  
I’ve had shoulder surgery, though, and can’t shoot well enough one-handed with my right hand, so switched to age category.  Still planned on shooting .45 but the well ran dry on guns.  Since I couldn’t match my first revolver I switched to .357s and went on the SASS Wire to get my guns.   Was able to get a rifle from Evil Roy and got my other guns from folks on the Wire.  

Now I’m building my gun cart and waiting on my leather.  Doing ok except for scrounging primers from everywhere I can. Thankfully my guns will shoot other primers well enough for practice, and I have enough Feds for matches for a while.  Practices will be a little thinner than I’d like for new guns and a new discipline, but I do what I can. 

Two guys from my regular shooting club have since joined SASS and I’m trying to round up some more. My regular club will never do it, they’re afraid of holsters and steel.


Now, unless someone changes their mind, it looks like I’ve got both guns sold and need to look into shipping costs. 

So long for now,



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Fairview, that doesn’t seem likely at this point. He says he has mailed a check, so that’s pretty definite. 
Have you decided a group you want to join?  There are about a half dozen within fair driving distance of Asheville. 
I and several other newbies also belong to Asheville Rifle and Pistol Club. Nice club, but they don’t exactly welcome steel or action shooting. 


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  • Eliphalet R. Moderator changed the title to FS: Ruger New Vaquero and CZ Hammered Coach Gun (New guys’ first gun mistakes for sale)

Go to the SASS web site and look at the club list. Or I can send you lists we’ve made for clubs nearby in SC and NC. Two of us have joined a recent startup in Travelers Rest that is looking for regular shooters. High Country is up in Maggie Valley somewhere and there are several others. 
My email is dennis.linn@yahoo.com if you want to communicate off line. 


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On 5/13/2021 at 9:25 AM, Fairview mike said:

No, I just started looking. I know there is a club in Lenoir and Greenville SC. I have never been to a match just research online. 

I agree with Solomon.  Come to Greenville on Sunday and check it out!

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