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  1. Sounds good. I’ll pm you the address.
  2. Looking for only nickel, I have plenty of plain brass, these are “for show” I’ll pay a fair price, plus shipping of course. Regards.
  3. Looking for some 45lc nickel plated cases. These are for show, so good condition please. Small quantity, more than 20 to like 100 or so.
  4. Looking for sbh hammer in blued finish. Anyone got one to sell or know best place to find one? Thanks!
  5. So I currently have two of these beauties in stainless, and was thinking of getting a third pistol for backup. I like the idea of a black pistol to contrast the Ss. I think what sells it most is the dark pistol with serial number “666”, makes it seem like an dark evil Pistol. I shall name her “the devil’s hand”! A long story short I’ll take it! Please pm me to arrange funds and transfer info.
  6. I have a can of Spam that was given to me as a prank gift (it’s labeled spam for the great outdoors, camo label and a hunter logo) this was in the late 1990s. It sat on my work desk all these years. I love fried spam, but refuse to open it for story sake. Funny thing is it looks fine, no swelling or rust, probably still edible.
  7. Since lawdog found his, may I ask for pic of the grips you got for sale?
  8. I’ll take it! 38sp. Don’t need bullet feeder.
  9. Did he Re holster or stage the pistol after the sixth round was added??? (Before firing all six rounds)
  10. Big thanks to everyone with suggestions, and even bigger thanks to two of my pards up here in VA who hooked me up with a good supply of primers today. It never hurts to ask, because one pard was at a small town Gun shop and scored me 4000 federal large pistol primers, thank you Major B.S. Walker. Another pard came across a large stash of Winchesters, and handed me 2000 today, thank you Mr Ripsaw! Neither of these gentlemen asked for anything other than retail price (cowboys don’t scalp cowboys!) and I’m so grateful to have this off my mind now. Hopefully all this crud passes and we can all be swimming in supplies again, but it’s good to know that we got each other’s back, that truly is the cowboy way!
  11. I have a stoeger ATAC break barrel pellet rifle, the one with a built in “suppressor” barrel. It’s whisper quiet and at 1200 FPS with a hollow point pellet it reaches out. The scope zooms to 16 and you can watch the pellet go right in their eye. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/stoeger-atac-suppressor-177-air-rifle-with-scope
  12. I just can’t justify spending $100-$150 for 1000 primers from a scalper, between the $$ and the fact I doubt they declare hazmat ( which if something would happen I don’t want my address on a package that wasn’t handled properly and hurt someone).
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