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  1. Got my 2500 delivered today. They work great on pietta stock nipples on my 51s...
  2. The use of 22lr ammunition is allowed for buckaroo category to allow children to compete without heavy guns with higher recoil which might discourage them from competing. If they want to use something with more oomph, they can then use any legal main match firearm, and ammunition.
  3. I have an older grabber, was in same boat, broken wad fingers, they sent me newer style all plastic wad guide and some metal clamps to update press, works fine and now if I break fingers is a simple replacement with current parts.
  4. Or paint the fiber optic black or silver or whatever color the sight is.
  5. If you do a proper load with slight compression of powder it kind of is a big “clump”...
  6. Sam what size shirts do you wear? You need Boots? (Size?) I have some stuff I can bring to West Point.
  7. Looking for only nickel, I have plenty of plain brass, these are “for show” I’ll pay a fair price, plus shipping of course. Regards.
  8. Looking for some 45lc nickel plated cases. These are for show, so good condition please. Small quantity, more than 20 to like 100 or so.
  9. Looking for sbh hammer in blued finish. Anyone got one to sell or know best place to find one? Thanks!
  10. So I currently have two of these beauties in stainless, and was thinking of getting a third pistol for backup. I like the idea of a black pistol to contrast the Ss. I think what sells it most is the dark pistol with serial number “666”, makes it seem like an dark evil Pistol. I shall name her “the devil’s hand”! A long story short I’ll take it! Please pm me to arrange funds and transfer info.
  11. I have a can of Spam that was given to me as a prank gift (it’s labeled spam for the great outdoors, camo label and a hunter logo) this was in the late 1990s. It sat on my work desk all these years. I love fried spam, but refuse to open it for story sake. Funny thing is it looks fine, no swelling or rust, probably still edible.
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