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  1. Check out the videos on YouTube or on Paulo verde website on how to clear this jam and other common 73 jams you’ll probably encounter. He does a great job explaining how the jams happen and how to quickly clear them on he line, I had a split case that caused short ammo jam a couple weeks ago that I cleared on the line, cost me about 10 seconds (rather than 7 misses!)
  2. I use shoot off laser training software, it’s FREE and uses webcam to pick up laser shots.
  3. I just check my nm vaqueros, both have the last three scribbled on the cyl. Looks like a kid did them. But on the plus side, my cylinders were in the right pistols after all these years!!!
  4. I got my star sizer in a lot I bought off Facebook marketplace that included the star sizer a functional mec 600 shotshell press, 2 1/2 bags of wads, and a trash bag full of once fired hulls, all for a grand total of $60usd! I almost felt bad as I handed him three twenties and loaded my haul into the back of my truck. I did buy a lathe smith die so my total investment is about $100, but that still includes the other stuff. No more lee alox for this cowpoke...
  5. I use a star sizer, much faster than lubrisizer or pan lubing. Bullets size nose down and drop out bottom on each sizer stroke.
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