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  1. I too just started. You can spend a ton on leather but you don’t have to to get serviceable equipment. For a cart find a golf bag cart or cheap hand truck and then just bungee a bucket to it to start. Hard part is finding rounds I think. Had to hunt for a good rifle too. Fortunately I secured pistols pre covid. Thought shotgun was going to be scarce too but ended up with two on accident. Bout one then was gifted another at the same time. Anyway I know it’s hard but be patient and wait for the gear to come to you.
  2. Will be exploring all of these things. A gun stuck in the safe due to a flaw serves no purpose. So thanks.
  3. Thought right hammer was rubbing so made some room for it in the stock with no result. Hammer strike feels too light. Could the hammer not be fully cocking? Like the cocking rod is worn / too short?
  4. Even after the warranty expires? This gun is older than 5 years.
  5. My old man’s Stoeger Coach single trigger misfires out of the right barrel. When this happens the left barrel will not touch off. Racking the gun will sometimes resolve the problem but not always. Any ideas? Who can I contact who knows Stoegers?
  6. I too am a tenderfoot looking for gear. Rich maybe we should compare ideas / sources from what we have seen so far searching. I too am in the Midwest
  7. I am new to the game and seeking a rifle. This would be perfect. What do you ‘spose shipping would be to michigan?
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