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  1. Everyone who has responded to my need for handguns; thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I have bought guns from Buffalo Sam Peed. Ain’t got the guns yet but I’ve got my rig on order and am planning my gun cart. should be able to shoot a match by the end of April/ early Mayif everything comes together. thanks again and hope to see you all out on the range. Elmer McCurdy.
  2. Rex, didn’t know that. Yesterday was my first day on this wire thanks a bunch Elmer
  3. Not used to this mode of communicating. Please bear with me. Bo Dacious, yes, am interested in the Bisleys. Tuned? How old? What barrel length? What finish/grips? Elmer
  4. Wal, shoot. how much do you need for them? got any other info? I assume they are tuned. I’m willing to meet pretty much anywhere in that area. Going to the Travelers Rest shoot next weekend with some guys from my regular shooting club. let me know what’s up and maybe we can meet whenever you’d like. I’m retired so can go whenever you’re free
  5. Yeah. Contacted another FFL and he gave me his FFL to use.
  6. Buffalo Sam, I’d be willing to discuss your guns more. contact me if still interested.
  7. Sounds good. I’m not new to guns or buying them, but I am new to private sales long distance. Tried to buy some Evil Roy’s from Robin Gold but can’t seem to get the logistics together. My FFL says the guns have to come from another FFL but Robyn can’t get one to ship her pieces to him. have you done this before and know how to get’er done? Elmer McCurdy #110956
  8. Thanks for the offer, Evil Dogooder, but I need two to compete. if yours is tuned, I can see if someone comes up with another one. I’ll keep you in mind. The Ruger Bisley is what I really want, but I ain’t holding my breath for new ones.
  9. Purly, yours are out of my budget. Will Burn, what do you need for your rig? What kind of holster setup do you have?
  10. Wow. You just started it cas. I was going to go classic cowboy with .45s until I had shoulder surgery. what do you need for the Evil Roy’s?
  11. Howdy, partners. Name’s Elmer McCurdy. #110956. Just joined SASS Got me a shotgun and a rifle coming, but can’t get revolvers for love nor money. looking to find someone out there who is getting out of CAS and selling a pair of revolvers. perfect first choice are Ruger Vaquero Bisleys in .357 but will take pretty much what I can get Thanks a bunch
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