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WTB .45-60 brass, dies, bullets


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I foolishly sold my .45-60 reloading stuff with an 1876 rifle. Now I have another and need the wherewithal to get it shooting. Thought I'd check and see if anybody here sold the rifle but kept the reloading stuff. Thanks for looking, cowrustler

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Just so happens that I was cleaning out the closet yesterday and came across 109 Winchester/Western .45-70s that were shortened to .45-60 for my 76.  New brass, shortened and deburred, never used.   Shipping isn't cheap so $95.00 shipped.


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1 hour ago, Texas Red said:


Seems like No Response....If He doesn't claim it!!!  I'd gladly buy It!!!!

Texas Red



Harbor freight sells a mini chop saw that works really well for trimming 45-70 bras down to 45-60 length. A wire Pard 3D printed a jig for me, worked really well. 

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