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The web site as they first posted it up had none of the "guarantees" of a well-designed business, and many signs of a cyber scam. 


Here's what is needed for a web-based business site to look legitimate.  Anything less is a warning sign in the cyber security world, which I know something about.


Physical address

Point of contact information, including a business phone

A business logo

Advertising by other methods than just an email message (which is essentially free)

Referrals by folks you know


None of those "conventional indicators of a legitimate business" were available at the time that the OP posted his questions about the site.


Perhaps I do know the principals.  But they haven't identified themselves yet on this post nor put any of those indicators on their web site yet. 


They seem to be delivering orders to their early customers.  Which is a good sign.


So, that's about the last of my free business or customer cyber-protection consulting that I need to offer.   :lol: 


good luck, GJ





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On 4/22/2021 at 10:48 AM, bgavin said:

Q: are ALL the bullet makers 100% out of stock?

It seems like literally nobody has bullet stock.
I'm really surprised at the lead bullet vendors.. Missouri, et al.

Where is all this stock going?


Definitely not. You need to find some of the smaller shops who source locally. 



Chey-Cast Bullets

Black Bullets International

Apaches Bullets (what this post is about) 


I'm sure there are others. Just gotta do some digging 

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I'm amazed, took a chance and ordered from Apache because they say ship in less than 3 days. I ordered on 5/2/21 and they arrived today 5/5/21. Outstanding.....

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