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  1. How hard would it be to have a gunsmith ream the chambers out to 2 3/4...or is this a model that shouldn't have that done to it?
  2. OP, I'm in Central Ohio so I can't help you with a local mentor but I do have a few years experience on my Dillon 550 and about 9 years on my Lyman turret press. If you'd like to do a video chat, I'd be more than happy to do that. I can show you how my 550 is set up for about 4 calibers now (.38/.357, 9mm, .223, 6.5cm). I use two different powder measure brands, dies I use, where I get my bullets, etc. Just PM if you're interested. Wish I could show you side by side difference between the 550 and 750, but YouTube is your friend there. I'm another vote for Dillon. You really can't go wrong with a 550 or the new 750. A 750XL will be my next press for sure.
  3. Also depends what you’re doing. I only have one rig, so it needs to do more than just cowboy action matches. I wear my crossdraw gun and my rig a lot in my woods or when I’m screwing around at my old man’s farm. I like to have extra rounds in case I need to shoot or decide to shoot for fun, whether that be with my pistol or one of my various .357 lever guns. Mine has 27 as that was all that the maker could fit with the measurements I gave him.
  4. All Prices Are Shipped, except ammo boxesFor brass I have individual prices, as well as reduced price if you buy multiple things or all the brass. All 45 brass is large primer.All brass is in respective ammo boxes. If someone wants a lot of brass with the ammo boxes, I'll make a deal on whole lots or multiple items bought. Same goes for Bullets, I'll take a percentage off if you buy multiple things. I'll put pictures in the order they're listed below.For SaleRedding Titanium Carbide 45ACP 3 die set. Basically unused - $65SOLD 120 - Unfired IMI Match 45ACP brass - $30 in 100rd box +20 loose (Or $20 in bulk brass purchase)SOLD 100 - Primed 1x fired RP 45ACP brass - $15 in 2 - 50rd boxes (or $10 in bulk brass purchase)SOLD 1500 - CBC Unfired 45 ACP Brass - I believe this is the same as Magtech and seems to have a great reputation - $150 for all or $80 for half (no lesser quantities) 600 - .223 Cases 90% of which is WCC brass, no prep done. - $30 SOLD ~500 - Open Box Rainier Ballistics 230gr HP - $65SOLD 500 - Unopened box of Rainier ballistics 185gr FP - $50SOLD 100 - Hornady 200gr XTP - $20SOLD 200 - Remington Golden Sabre 185gr HP - $30AMMO BOXES - Shipping - $5-$10 depending on where you are and how many you buy.SOLD 6 - 100rd Blue 45acp boxes - $3/boxSOLD 23 - 50rd Blue 45acp boxes - $2/boxSOLD 12 - 50rd .223 smoke/black boxes - $2/boxIf you think I'm off on prices, shoot me an offer. I don't reload 45, this was an inheritance from an uncle.Thanks ALL SOLD THANKS GUYS
  5. I meant a non-Dillon expander die. Like just a plain Jane RCBS expander die or something. I should have made that more clear lol
  6. To be clear.... the dies will work. You’ll just need to buy an expander die, which you can get off midway or Midsouth relatively cheap. I use the same exact dies in my Dillon or on my Turret press, just gotta make sure you have the necessary reloading steps done
  7. LOL, I was like dang how did I miss this ... oh ya March 7th. If for some reason it is available, I'll take seconds
  8. I've found that places like Midway are not good for niche disciplines like ours. The last batch of 2500 125gr TC Hi-Tek coated bullets I bought for around $0.05 a piece. A pound of Titegroup will last me about 2300 rds. Thats pretty darn cheap. But you are correct, I don't think its quite as cheap as bulk .22...but the difference doesn't seem like much. Its not like precision rifle where a trainer rifle is saving you hundreds on ammo and barrels, etc.
  9. I was speaking strictly centerfire. .22 is a whole other ball game.
  10. am I the only one who thinks a front loading lever gun has got to be one of the most ridiculous designs ever. I just don't understand why anyone designing a gun would go that route? To me personally it is a complete deal breaker. I walk my woods with my lever guns, shoot in the backyard, and am now getting into sass, and have always thought that. I continually top off my lever guns when walking or taking a break to let another shooter shoot, and to have to take that stupid rod out every time just seems like Henry engineers wanted us to suffer lol.
  11. I'm also new to SASS Shawn, but definitely not new to reloading pistol calibers. I REALLY like 124/125gr projectiles. For me its about consistency and shooting pleasure. I use coated 124's for my 9mm's and coated 125's with my .38's and .357 plinking loads. I really like the Hi-Tek coated 125 Truncated Cone (TC). They feed great in my '73 loaded at 1.445" OAL, which is right at the crimp groove, and they shoot great. Theres various different places to get them. PM if you'd like to know where I get mine or where I've gotten me before. I don't want to publicize companies. Still new to the forum so not sure what appropriate. I think you'll be happy with either the 550 or the 750. The 750 can do more, faster. The 550 will do everything you need and is slightly less expensive and easier to manipulate ( no auto-index, less moving parts, etc.). You can't go wrong with either. BOTH will have great resale value if you decide you don't want/need them
  12. If you're worried about safety you should be more than fine. The book has my max charge of Titegroup at 4.6gr for 125's in .38spl rated guns. EVERY single one of my guns is rated to .357mag...and I doubt I'll ever own anything only rated for .38, as IMO, theres no use for it (for me). Obviously work up to any charge near the max, but 3.2gr of Titegroup will be fine using 105's. If you have a chrono I'd try and hit the 650fps mark out of a pistol. That seems to be my sweet spot. Out of my Rifle, they clock in around 900fps FYI, Hodgdon's site says the starting load with Titegroup and 110gr bullet is 4.3gr. So you're definitely below any sort of max charge for 105's
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