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  1. I have a line on a case of Winchester LRP and would like to gauge interest in who might want them. Just trying to help out the SASS crowd too. I don't shoot anything that is large rifle, but I would be willing to trade or partial trade for ANY small primers (rifle/pistol/magnum/etc) This would be FTF somewhere in Ohio. Price would have to be $100 per 1k if you wanted to buy some, or as partial trade for small primers. Would prefer to trade. The price of primers is insane these days, and at $100 per 1k, I'm only making $5 per 1k, which should cover my gas.
  2. I just ordered 100 410 shells from sgammo.com about a week or so ago. You may want to sign up for his email notifications. He gets new ammo weekly. I have bought from SG for years now, and he's always pretty reasonable.
  3. I took my M1A bolt apart to put in a USGI bolt kit and somehow I managed it in a try or two. I found a gentlemen on Youtube called Tonyben3 and he specializes in M1/M1A rifles. Highly recommended
  4. I really want to try 180 FP XTP's but not even sure if they make them. I was planning on trying some gas checked hard cast 180 grainers as well, but I think Missouri is like 16 week backlogged right now or something. Unfortunately Alliant only gives one load for 300-MP and .357's, so I do need to do a little experimenting. Plan on going up in 0.1-0.2gr intervals until I hit pressure and then back off a little, re-test this summer when its hot and then finalize it.
  5. Perfect! Thats what I was looking for, thank you much Widder and appreciate the experienced input. I'll post up my findings when I get all through with it for anyone else wondering. Thanks again
  6. If anyone has had the pleasure of shooting the new Ruger Mk IV's they are just a dream to shoot AND disassemble lol. One push of the rear button and off pops the whole upper barrel assembly. It was about the most perfect upgrade they've ever made.
  7. What about loaning factory ammo? I don't reload shotgun, but I do carry extra AA Lite Loads whenever I shoot shotgun anywhere in case someone needs extra. Factory 12ga 2 3/4 lite loads, never figured that'd be an issue given factory loads. I do understand the issue with ammunition that is not legal to the category
  8. Thats good information, I may look into that. No these loads are going to be used in my 1894 CST, which isn't SASS legal anyways. Its my "modern" lever action, as it sports a red dot, XS sights, an MLOK rail/forearm, flashlight, suppressor, etc.. Sure is fun though. I use an Uberti '73 for SASS.
  9. I appreciate the powder recommendations gentlemen, but I ONLY have 300-MP and I doubt I'll be getting any of the other powders anytime soon, so 300-MP is what I'll be using. I was more so concerned with pushing my reloads to the top end in lever guns. I have plenty of experience working near the top for bolt guns and AR's, but I do not have experience near the top end on Lever Guns. My main question was are the signs of overpressure on bolt guns the same for lever guns? Should I be looking for anything unique/specific for lever guns? How hard can I push my Marlin 1894
  10. Maybe I should have put more emphasis on practical field shooting, and less on the "open sighted" aspect. Obviously I don't think open sights are better than a quality red dot. That being said, open sights aren't what I would classify as "specialized". I still think every rifle owner who's serious about use should learn how to shoot with them and practice with them occasionally. Not sure if thats what you meant or not.
  11. While I do understand that, pressure is my concern....and 40k psi in a 357 is just as dangerous as 40k psi in a 44mag. I'm pretty well stocked for now, but obviously that dwindles fast haha. I have 200 new Starline 357 cases for this as well.
  12. LOL, sounds like something a Chief would say .... I'll play devils advocate on this one... My 2nd deployment to AFG we had a pretty crazy mission that had an extensive firefight. Not a single hair was touched on the entire platoon except for two guys, our sniper was shot through the throat (no serious damage), and one of our squad leaders was killed. Everyone else was pretty much untouched. So in the absence of scars, my entire left bicep from shoulder to elbow all the way around depicts a battle, and on the inside of my bicep is a poem/collection of words I put together for that m
  13. After a lot of researching 357 powders online, I had narrowed it to a few: H110, 2400, Lil Gun, 300-Mp, and a few others. Those seemed to be what most guys were getting the best velocities out of with .357 and longer barrels. I found 300-MP locally and went with it. Its my only powder choice right now that will be able to get the higher velocities so hoping it pans out. If my gun hates the XTP's thats fine, I can try different bullets. As far as pressure signs, I'm assuming same as with precision bolt guns? -Sticky bolt (lever in this case) -Flat primers -
  14. Gents, I've done plenty of load development for precision rifles, but when it came to pistol and lever guns, I've always just loaded to power factor for IDPA or CAS, and called it quits. I want to work up a more accurate, full power .357 load for my Marlin 1894 CST (16.5" barrel). I've got some 158 XTP's and some 300-MP powder. Eventually I'll probably load 180's as fast as I can get em to go. For those that do work up loads, how do you do it? I'd rather make it simpler and quicker than my precision rifle workups, but if thats what it'll take, then I can do
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