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  1. Being a hard throwing rightie and growing up in the 70’s/80’s I loved watching him pitch. I vividly remember his no hitter against the doyers in ‘81. I read an interview somewhere a long time ago. I believe it was with Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens about the purpose pitch. Clemens had no issue with hitting batters while Johnson felt that if you hit one and he walked it off, part of the intimidation was gone. Having faced a fair bit of mid 90mph fastballs, the Express was not something i would have wanted bouncing off my noggin, or ribs.
  2. Years ago I had the opportunity to work on a couple ‘73’s from 1881 and 1883. What amazed me was the quality of the internal parts. Fit was perfect. It was hard to believe that these rifles were built over 140 years ago. Both rifles were in original configuration with only the slightest case hardening visible under the side plates. Also both rifles were octagonal barrels.
  3. I see them over our ranch all the time. I read they were around 70,000 flight hours in on a little over 100 aircraft. They seem to be extremely complex machines. Never got to crawl around one in my 20 as a mechanic so no hands on but I would like to see a comparison to ch-47 incidents.
  4. Ive got a 930 miculek gun that is great for fun but I wouldnt trust my life to it as it works MOST of the time. My 870 works everytime, all the time.
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