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  1. I only have a fb account to keep up with scores from my clubs latest match, involving guns. I also use it to keep up with range closures and updates from my, wait for it, gun club. To phrase it so that they might understand, “ironical!”
  2. Savages. We suffer the same randomness here. They dont care that without power, our well dependent town has no water. We installed a generator to power the ranch at no small expense just so our well can pump and we can save our food. We usually get outages in the 36-48 hour duration regularly.
  3. I know its not gun show pricing but A a pard just called me this morning as he knows im looking for spp’s too. Shop in AZ had them. $250 per 1000. Fortunately I could pass on them. Hope i dont regret it.
  4. Ordered another 2k 38 from apache and they arrived in 5 days. Awesome.
  5. Nothin too fancy haha. This would be nice. Something in a caliber we can load for would be best. Shes gonna want to shoot it.
  6. Just saw those. Its not what shes looking for. They do look small. We are a rodeo family so bigger buckles are normal!
  7. Hey y’all! My girl is wanting a derringer. Shes really set on one set into a belt buckle. Her mom had one and shes set on that. I know its a long shot but ive had zero luck finding her one. Pearl handled engraved nickel is her preference. Wish me luck, her birthday is sneaking up fast!
  8. I placed an order for 1000 .38. Got them in four days! Loaded them up and shot them in a match last Sunday. Good to go so i ordered 2k more.
  9. Our club, High Desert Cowboys, shoots Sunday the 15th of August. We are a small club at a private range. Stop by and say hi!
  10. Frustrating. I didnt have any jams but they would not cycle properly without finessing them into the chamber.
  11. Thanks Bob! We wont be that far north this trip. Trying to see some ranches so we can relocate. We looked at Los Vaqueros and Old Pueblo Shootists schedules and then saw your post. Just thought it might be fun to meet some of y’all if it worked out!
  12. Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors is an exceptional read!!!
  13. Does anyone shoot the second weekend of the month at Tombstone Livery? We are hoping to be there looking at ranch properties next week.
  14. Thanks Robyn but he just let me know its out of his budget but wished he could. Thank you
  15. Thanks Robyn, I sent the info to my buddy. Yours might be outside his budget. I am waiting on his response. Pm sent John.
  16. Hey fellas, Looking to get a new pard set up. Trying to find a pair of pistols in .357. Nothin fancy, just good shooters. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jessey
  17. Welcome! I have been reloading for a couple decades so nowhere near as long as some of the fellas here. 38 special is my favorite pistol caliber to reload. Easy and large enough to see everything comfortably. 9mm isnt difficult but can sometimes be finicky around the case head. Just my two cents. Have fun!!!
  18. Woke? I can see that being used by those who walk around in public with their pants around their knees.
  19. Nah, but youll need one to buy a gun im sure!
  20. I had mine about a week before i bought my second. Then my wife wanted two 1849 pockets. Im not sure how these cap gunskeep multiplying in the safe. I may need to separate them...
  21. Mess with downforce. Make the cars equal. Stage racing. Track gimmicks. No stars and bars. Drivers need to play nice. Turning Bristol into dirt wont bring me back to nascar. Re-open Wilkesboro and I might be interested in watching something other than vintage races on you tube.
  22. Rope and tie down straps are always in our trucks. One of the beater team ropes was used yesterday to catch a goat that needed doctoring. Gotta have one handy.
  23. Best to just remember the companies that did things like this and spend your money elsewhere.
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