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A Question For Firefighters

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Yesterday in the way home from w**k I was following some sort of fire engine.   I was looking at how things were stowed aboard it and noticed some movement on the top.


After following it through several stoplights I realized that it was a water cannon and it was free to pivot.   


I would think that something like that would be dogged down so it couldn't swing freely like that. 


Can anyone tell me what standard practice is?

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I sent a message through one of the Santa Rosa Fire Department FB pages and got:


"Hey! Thanks for the message, do you remember what engine it was? Normally the “deck gun” up top is secured and isn’t able to swing free, but they can come loose. Thanks for the message. Equipment checks occur daily and it would have been caught this morning. Have a good evening."

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Typically, everything is secured after the end of a call, before heading back to the station.  Then things are inspected again after the wet hose is removed and exchanged for dry, air tanks refilled etc.  They should have caught it at one of those checks.  I'll bet they catch it now.

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