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Jeez, is everything hard to find?

Go West

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Can't seem to find a Lee .490 round ball mold either.:( Actually found a couple at 3 times the price plus $25 to ship. It's getting crazy out there.:)

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On 3/27/2021 at 5:53 PM, Lazy Eeyour said:

The unknown. Firearms/ammunition manufactures have no idea what the future holds. Why would they install new lines when Biden threatened to do away with their limited liability. So they produce with what they have and the product ships that day. There is no incentive to build inventory.

Tom Gresham on his national radio program Sunday stated that three primer manufacturing facilities are to be built in 2021. 

The Sandy Hook shortage lasted long enough to convince two foreign ammo mfg's to build ammo manufacturing plants in the US.  One Italian, Fiocchi, & one Mexican, Aguila.  The 1st bulk purchase of 22LR I made was for 5,000 rounds of Aguila std velocity.  At the time 7 cents a pop including freight was a bargain.

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