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By golly.  I'm an artilleryman!



For more exciting Birdgun Artillery Videos




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Having never seen the 240mm, I looked it up.   Many were used in ww2. Less in Korea.



During the Korean War, twelve 240 mm howitzers were brought out of "mothballs" and sent to the front lines to deal with deep bunkers and fortifications built by the Chinese that could not be effectively attacked by the smaller artillery weapons then on hand. They were utilized in two units in Korea, the 213th and 159th Field Artillery Battalions. The weapons went into action on May 1, 1953. On that day, the first round was fired by Baker battery of the 213th at a target on top of a hill called "the donut" by aerial observers. The first round was supposed to be just a ceremonial shot; however, it struck an ammo dump directly on top of "the donut" which set off a chain reaction and blew part of the top of the hill off in a spectacular fashion.[8]


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The 1st Battalion of the 75th Artillery (8" How) participated in a Corps, 1 round, Time on Target a Grafenwoher, in the mid 60s.  We had 4.2 mortars thru 280 guns firing TOT.  For those whose legs are other than red, a TOT mission attempts to place all rounds fired on a given target with their detonation simultaneous.  This is a whole lot of guns. The time spread from 1st round to last was 6 seconds.


Notice I spelled Corps correctly.

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