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WTB Winchester 1886 Parts Needed

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Original Winchester 1886 rifle Parts Needed.

I figured I would try here on the wire before the great wide world.

I need:

(might as well get the whole screw set while I'm at it) I did find a place that sells new sets so ignore them.)


Lower straight stock tang (looks like a tough part so may have to just have mine welded repaired etc.)

cartridge guide

          cartridge guide screw

cartridge stop

            cartridge stop screw

trigger spring

            trigger spring screw

finger lever pin

finger lever bushing

             mainpring strain screw

             upper tang screw

             lower tang screw

             hammer screw

             loading gate screw


also 45-90 Winchester brass / 40-82 Win 

And since you just never know

Looking for

Winchester 1886 parts,

Winchester 40-82 & 45-90 Brass

Colt 1903 .32 auto magazine,

Colt 1902 Military magazine .38 Automatic,

Savage 1907 .32 acp Magazine,

Merwin Hulbert large & medium frame parts,

S&W big bore , top break parts,

.32 Long Colt brass , molds , maybe Short Colt,

Old Ideal black finish reloading tools shotgun etc

French Berthier3 round clips



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Wisner's gun parts

Bob's gun parts


I had an 1887 winchester that needed some fresher parts.

Suprising how many small 1886 parts fit.

Go J M Browning.

I figure that both were on his workbench.

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MM, Sure shoot me a price in a pm.

Mine's a rebuild project just to shooter grade, not collectible.

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Kid I've been good, been busy, stayed out of the Summer heat, been to a couple gun shows (hence the new project).

I;ll give them a call, nothing on their site that I could see.

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Kid, I called Jack First & they had a lower tang & trigger spring which are now on the way.

Do you know anyone who can cut & weld the upper tang locally?


Doc, I may get some parts from Homestead.

Looks like you picked up some fun toys. (as above, know a good welder?)

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Think I may have found a welder, thinking of what else I may need welded maybe have it all done at once.

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