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  1. Yes I have one, totally all original 1952 deluxe md has factory peep site on it. I took it to Cabelas and they offered me $2,400 and told me they would list it at $3,200.00 I have dies, at least 10 original boxes of win virgin brass in the yellow boxes, and probably 5 boxes of 200 gr bullets. Would have to get $2,700 for the whole package. Thanks JB
  2. Howdy Bullseye, How much do you want to spend on one? JB Sledge jbsledge1@aol.com
  3. Hi could you email me your phone number, so I can call you. jbsledge1@aol.com Thanks Sledge
  4. Take your dremel and rebore it! Sledge
  5. Howdy, I have a pair of 44-40s 5.5 inch barrels, SS finish, super black hawk hammers, and swap out the springs along with opening up the chambers to .429 If interested email me at jbsledge1@aol.com JB Sledge
  6. I have had 2 skb's done by big name gunsmiths, didn't even come close to Fast Eddie's work just sayin JBSledge
  7. Price drop $2,200.00

  8. PRICE DROP , $2,200

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