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  1. Like Rusty I think i have one somewhere. They, TylerT, are still in business in, I think, in Okla City.
  2. I'll take it. If it's still available I'll take it at $1400. PM me about getting the money and FFL to you.
  3. How come your pistola looks like it's been dipped in gold? Is it the lighting or does it really have a gold wash on it? I can always use another 44-40 if the price is right.
  4. Yeah, I've got a set of black ones. Appear to be brand new, never installed. How about $20 + $8.45 for the flat rate postage?
  5. Yeah, I've got one of them. $150 gets it shipped to your door. It has sights on it. I've got a 20 too if you need one of those.
  6. Do you have a pic of the ones you need? I have a bunch of little grips but I don't know what most of them fit.
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