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Charles Daly .45 Colt SAA replica - stainless steel

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Howdy, folks!  Been awhile but between non-shooting activities, my 2018 house fire, and this ridiculous lockdown, well, not much really exciting these days.  :wacko:


Anyway, I'm hoping to shoot cowboy action again some time but an arthritic thumb and knee replacement surgery soon I've been doing very little in the way of moving around quickly or even thinking about it.  :o   I guess that's exciting, yes?:rolleyes:


Anyway, after the fire I liquidated almost all of my guns that were water stained (nothing in the safe burned but water got in) but I saved this revolver for sentimental reasons.  The stocks are discolored at the base but otherwise the gun is in great shape.  However, this is a champion shooter's gun because of the very light trigger.  If you're not used to a super light trigger then this gun is not for you; you'll just have ADs or shoot your foot off.  It's lightning fast. 


I need some room in the new safe so before I sell it elsewhere I figured SASS shooters with skills should get first crack at it.  $400 FFL to FFL unless you live in DFW; I'll pay shipping.


Ol' Nubbins can be reached at grjtwin2@gmail.com or the email on this website.


Howdy to everyone!









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I don't know why the picture that I see y'all can't see but the deal is done, the gun is sold.  Thanks!


Howdy, Abilene!  All good here.





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This is now sold to a SASS member but I think I got the picture for you, anyway.

Charles Daly .45 Colt - SAA replica.jpg

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