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  1. I can't decide.......... "Boot Scootin' Boogie" or "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under" Y'all pick one and move forward.
  2. Sanders I saw this thread and I wondered what it was. It didn't take me long to figure it out. HAHAHA! I'll presume I got it right, anyway...........
  3. First, I agree with JDD above, Biden/Harris would need the ability to pack the Supreme Court and that only happens if the President has his own party majorities in the House and Senate. The number of Justices is determined by the current provision of the Judiciary Act, which set the number at 9 a few years after the Civil War. So an amendment to the law would have to be written, passed by both Chambers, and send to the President to sign into law. So, we'll know in a few days whether that is even possible. Second, in re high capacity magazines, there is a kind of insanity involve
  4. He will be missed. A great actor and a great man. May his memory be for a blessing.
  5. I posted a photo. But, as before in another post, apparently only I can see it. I'll work on it.
  6. Hello, again! Well, on another note, besides the Charles Daly . 45/c I just posted, I have a few .22s that need to be discussed. I think I'm keeping that old Bearcat for now, I know that I want to sell the .22 Magnum ($320.00 and I pay shipping) and I THINK I'm keeping the unmodified, original .22 but who knows.
  7. Rest in peace, darlin'. May your memory be a for a blessing and may your soul be bound up in the bonds of eternal life.


  8. Rocky, darlin', it's a new Wire world, and I see 66 folks have viewed your profile already. Why am I not surprised? xoxox


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