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  1. As a fun aside, among the many skills I picked up, more or less, in Navy Intelligence was the ability to follow someone undetected. When doing it as a member of a team the "target" might be passed along from street to street as part of the avoidance of detection. This is all done via various communication devices. The euphemism used for the person who is the target of the surveillance, at least back 20+ years ago, was "package", as in "the package just crossed Main and Elm and is headed to North Tenth Street". Somehow I think the term "package" is not quite that useful any longer.........BICBW......
  2. I am just curious, how many members does SASS have now, how many actual shooters/active members does SASS have, and what is the overall status of CAS today? As an aside, I'd be interested in similar answers in re IPSC, IDPA, 3-Gun, etc.
  3. WOW! On the same day that I write about the Baseball Hall of Fame and its hypocrisy I find this parallel form of hypocrisy as well. I will just quote myself: So I have to ask, if these oh-so-sensitive mental midgets elected to these modern legislatures fail to understand their own state's history how long will it before, Mount Vernon is locked up tight, Monticello is town down, and American military heroes are refused burial in Arlington National Cemetery because the land once belong to Robert E. Lee, and remember, he is still recognized as one of the greatest American generals of all time, no matter which side he fought on during the "Recent Unpleasantness". These people are sanctimonious hypocrites and will be the ruin of everything great that the United States of America stands for.
  4. They should create a section for asterisked players, actually, "they'd be hall of famers except....." kind of thing. What's weird is how times and mores change but we only selectively allow those changes to go backwards in time and then, from my saddle, anyway, only negatively. America is so politically correct and race based politics so much in the forefront that it is easy as pie to condemn Thomas Jefferson for owning slaves, to condemn Abraham Lincoln for not actually being favorably disposed towards black people, to call Franklin Delano Roosevelt a racist, etc. Very modern concepts, yes? So I have to ask, if the Dallas Cowboys can call Winstar Casino its partner https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/nfl/dallas-cowboys/article217918205.html how is it possible that Pete Rose is still denied his place in the Hall of Fame due to gambling (of any kind on any team)? To use a favorite expression, I don't have a dog in this fight, and I don't actually give a flip what the Dallas Cowboys do or don't do, I wouldn't watch them, anyway, or what Cooperstown does or doesn't do. But to use a sanctimonious concept from decades ago to keep a great ballplayer out of the Hall of Fame when the "no gambling" concept today is dead and buried seems to me to be the height of hypocrisy.
  5. The original Wire which did update a time or two when I was on it but we didn't lose post counts. Somewhere between the time I stopped writing and when I came back in the very recent past an update deleted all of my old posts. Which is fine because when I came back I got a bonus and a pay raise, probably double or triple what you got............
  6. There was a time when being a gay blade meant you were a happy-go-lucky young man. I think that meaning changed awhile back..........
  7. I recall when SASS Wire Vet attached to anyone with over 100 posts. Back on the old Wire I had 10 or 11 thousand. I am not that prolific any longer..........I think!
  8. Sidebar - and you can look this up - sadly, as you know, collisions at sea occur too often, whether it's military vessels or commercial vessels or pleasure boats. But one of the weirdest events that I ever heard about was a submarine at periscope depth that did not/could not see fishing lines or net that were caught by the mast and then dragged some boats behind the sub and they sank.......
  9. There is a world of difference between saving a Sailor who belongs on your ship in the peacetime Navy and saving one when you are under intense threat, never mind in a war flotilla headed to a fight. But this does remind me of one of my brief ship mobilizations. We were headed out of San Diego Bay on the USS Coronado (AGF-11), I THINK this was 2003 but I am uncertain, when the typical "man overboard" drill commenced. However, it was not a drill and we quickly learned it was not a man overboard. Some wiseacre in a small sailboat decided to NOT get out our ship's way (or he thought he could beat us - he was wrong!). CRUNCH!!!!!!!! The man overboard was this genius, and - in my best high pitched voice - AND HIS LITTLE DOG, TOO!!! Happily, we rescued the dog. Happily for the dog, we rescued his hapless owner. As I recollect, we heloed him off the ship - I am not sure but I do think he was arrested when they got him to shore. What a moron!
  10. FYI, my house burned almost exactly one year ago today. April 18th. Electrical fire. The safe was right next to the brick wall and the fire started on the opposite side of the bricks in an attachment to my house. The safe was destroyed. Long story made short, kudos to Browning - ProSteel for replacing the safe. But the guns were mostly affected by water, not by the fire. A few non-gun items on the top shelf of the safe showed signs of scorching but the guns in the safe were not burned. Another long story made short, my friends took the guns and cleaned them all up. The scopes were all water damaged and trashed. The guns cleaned up fine and while I do plan to sell some of them at "fire discounted prices" (I have a great joke along those lines about Notre Dame but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings) I will be keeping and eventually shooting most of them. Rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers. Many did not even suffer water damage (just markings from water on the bluing, actually) if they were far enough back on each shelf. So, no, I am not concerned about these guns being unsafe to use. My cowboy action guns were not in that safe. They were all in a gun "cabinet" in another room that the fire didn't reach. They got wet but not badly and are ready to go - if I was the same way I'd be showing you at a match but I am not ready to go until I replace my knees! I did have some guns that were not safely stored - a variety of home defense guns. Every one of those were destroyed. But there were not all that many, maybe five, maybe seven. Don't ask - my inventory record burned up, too, so I sort of have no clue until I bring them all home! New house is 50% complete!
  11. Don't humor Alpo by replying to that, he's breaking my chops! Think about it closely. If you can't figure out the somewhat dark humor, on several levels, let us know.
  12. Remember what Mark Twain said: "Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself."
  13. To paraphrase my earlier post, it's called "historical fiction" for a reason. Or did anyone here think that the "Tombstone" movie was 100% historically accurate? Does anyone here really think that Doc Holliday killed Johnny Ringo? I always thought that super heroes made great comic book reading. Of course, I was 12 at the time! The current super hero movie craze baffles me...........one, maybe two of the genre. Then you're done. Dozens of them? Not for me............
  14. Sometimes I like to play with these people. I got a SPAM call this morning, I knew it was, but I called back, anyway. "Why did you call me?" "What is your name?" (Indian accent.) For fun I tell him and then ask him his name. "I am ABC with the Social Security Administration." I am thinking, "Sure you are", but I am playing the game so I go along. "What do you want?" "I need to verify your identity by your giving me the last four digits of your Social Security number." I chuckled and I said, "No. I'd have to be drink to give you that number!" Click. He was gone. The number was 512-772-1747. I just called it back to make sure that was the number so I could tell it to y'all. When ABC with the Social Security Administration (that's how he answered the phone!!!) said "How may I help you?" I told him exactly what I wanted him to do. Fill in the blank yourselves. _________________________________________
  15. Well, I obviously live under a rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never heard the term "Real ID" before and never noticed that my new driver's license has a yellow star on it. I didn't have to go anywhere to get it, I renewed it on line late last year because the old one was going to expire in March (last month). I am going to compare the two tonight to see if there is anything different besides the little yellow star. I can still use my military ID to board planes, too, and it looks nothing like a so-called "Real ID". I wonder if I should be expecting a new one? That did NOT happen. My last DPS office visit was 6 years ago. Apparently, showing up in person was never mandatory and the old TDLs were fine: Operative phrase: "If not already on file". If you've been in Texas awhile your information AND photo is digitized and on file. The sole, significant difference between my LTC and TDL is the little yellow star in the upper right hand corner of the TDL. I looked it up - the Real ID cards are not totally required - yet: Okay, I can go back under my rock now.............
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