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Cody Conagher deluxe sporting rifle/Stoeger Shotguns

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I have a four year old codyconagher deluxe sporting rifle I am wanting to sell. (38/357)


It runs great, it is beat up from use.  It was my first rifle and now is my back up rifle because I bought one with a shorter barrel.  It probably only had one year of competition and practice through it before I bought the other one.


I am selling it to but a new Winchester to try it.


I believe it is worth $1150.00


I also have two shotguns that I am not using.


One is an old nickel stoeger.   It has a chip in the upper stock and is a very loose gun.  I bought it for an extra when one of my others was being repaired.  I would sell it for $300.00.


Other is a stoeger slicked up my Goat Neck Clem.  It is a little stiff for my liking but a good gun.  I replaced it with an SKB and I don't every shoot it.  It was in service for about a year and a half.  I would sell it for $450.00.

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I can post some pictures when I get home.


It is a 38/357


Here she is.  Honestly, it looks better in the pictures than in person.  It is a little dinged up from use.


Shoots great, I just wanted a shorter rifle.  It is my back up and I never use it.  


If I sell some guns, I am going to try out a new Winchester.






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Here are some pictures of the old Stoeger.  You can see the chips in the picture.  Other than the chips, it is in very good shape.  Its very loose.


I shoot it for a couple months when I was without another gun.  This old girl has been passed around our club.  Seems like everyone has owned it one time or another.




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Better get the new rifle first. You might not like it...and you need all the shotguns you can get...

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It's a supreme with a double trigger.  Generally, it was honed and beveled, and all springs lightened, and yes it is short barrelled.  It also has screw in chokes. 


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Better remember...one of the guys we shoot with had 4 broken 73’s at the same time...

With your luck...you’ll have 4 rifles 4 revolvers and 4 shotguns down at the same time...

Then you might have to try to borrow one from one of your “buddies”...

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I mean loose in a good way.  Never had any issues with it and it opens up with no effort.


Frankly, its old.  It probably is in the shape that gunsmiths try to put new ones in. :D


I bought it for $300 when my new Stoeger was in the shop. I just want to get my $300 back out of it.


I don't need it.  


I actually shot better with it than I did with my new one.  If it were not for the chips in the stock, it is a beautiful gun.

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